Kitchen stewards are the ones responsible for making sure that everything in the kitchen is kept sanitized whether it’s the utensils, dishes, equipment, or other supplies. This is a big responsibility as it makes sure that the customers of the restaurant use clean utensils, glasses, plates, and the like to avoid any problems at all. If they mess up in any way, it could spell trouble for both the customers and the restaurant as well. Every kitchen steward must know and familiarize himself how to use the available cleaning tools in the kitchen, especially the dishwashing machine.

The Dishwashing Machine

The most important cleaning tool in the kitchen would be the dishwashing machine. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that any residual food particles are scraped off the plates, pots, etc. You can do so by using a rubber spatula or a knife or if you’d want a more thorough job of cleaning them, wash them off with water first. Now you have to place them properly in their respective slots in the dishwashing machine. Then you’ll need to put some detergent on the dishwasher cups and add a rinsing agent in the dispenser and close them appropriately. Now you’ll want to choose the wash cycle and dry cycle for the dishes you’ve put in and you can then start the dishwasher.

Cleaning Products

There are different types of cleaning products available and you should be conscious about the concentrated or the diluted. There are two kinds of concentrations and the diluted cleaning products are usually used by restaurants with excess space for storage. The diluted ones however are more suited to smalltime restaurants with smaller storages. The only thing that you have to remember is to make sure that you add water to get the appropriate dilution. You should also care to read the instructions in order to make sure that you’re doing things properly.

Storage Equipments

Some restaurants have high quality storage equipments that will make sure that the newly washed dishes and utensils are stored properly away from dust, bacteria or other forms of contaminants. These usually come in the form of commercial cabinets or shelves of high quality. Remember to store them properly as you’ll just be wasting your efforts washing the dishes and utensils.

Cleaning the Hood

The kitchen hood is one of the most difficult to clean as there are different parts to it. The cleaning materials you’ll need to use are as follows: rubber gloves, goggles, a piece of cloth, a bucket, and of course, the cleaning agents of your choice. You might also need something to dislodge the various chemicals that solidified in the different parts of the hood.

Making sure that the dishes, utensils or other cooking materials in the kitchen is clean and usable. Being the kitchen steward has a pretty big responsibility attached to it and it is your job to learn how to use the different cleaning tools and materials in the kitchen

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