StickyNotes by Ukiv have always been used for taking the quick notes or are used as reminders. The main objective of StickyNotes by Ukiv is to remind and therefore it is recommended to stick it in the most assessable area. The notes work as a constant reminder until the work is done and therefore helps one to get it done without forgetting about it and ensures the work is completed on time.

With the advancement in information and technology, the physical workspace with pen and papers are replaced with laptops, computers and other gadgets. With the consistent advancement, the old-school techniques are now converted into digital technology. What could be better than using a digitalized sticky note on your desktop? Now there is no need of finding StickyNotes by Ukiv in your work desk instead you can use StickyNotes by Ukiv that is available as a chrome extension which allow, students, corporate employee and everyone make digital notes.

Nowadays time is something that not everybody has as spare because every person lives a busy life, hence people need constant reminders about their regular tasks. The sticky note for the desktop seems to be the most needed solution for the hectic work life. The desktop StickyNotes by Ukiv is considered the best and quickest way of note taking. It is available as a Google Chrome extension that supports digital comprehension and efficiently helps in improving productivity. It is considered to be a fast, secure and private tool which is easily assessable to everyone.

The great features of the StickyNotes by Ukiv chrome extension makes it better than Evernote. The StickyNotes by Ukiv have gained its popularity because of its unexceptional and advanced user-friendly features and surely is a great Evernote alternative. Some of the key features of StickyNotes by Ukiv are:

1. Highly secured

The stick notes tool by Google Chrome is considered to be highly secured. The tool uses the Google’s chrome storage to synchronize the data.

2. Utmost privacy

The notes are privately stored on the user’s computer. One can only access their own notes.

3. Easy accessibility

Sticky note is fast and easy to use extension. It helps to easily note down important points and reminders. Moreover, the StickyNotes by Ukiv can be used flawlessly when the system is offline.

4. Can be customized

StickyNotes by Ukiv are available in a wide array of themes. One can use colorful themes, fonts to make beautiful and attractive reminders. Moreover, one can use different themes or color combination to arrange the notes according to the priorities or to differentiate between personal and professional notes.

5. Free

The amazing user-friendly tool is completely free of cost. One can continue using it on multiple systems without paying a monthly or yearly subscription charges.

Additionally, the StickyNotes by Ukiv are integrated with the advanced features of emailing and printing. The notes can be easily shared through email for others to review and one can easily get it printed on physical paper whenever they need.

Unlike Evernote, StickyNotes by Ukiv can be popped out of the chrome, can be emailed, downloaded and printed. It makes working on multiple sites easier and is considered as a new easy to use notepad extension with additional features for the users. It can be opened and collapsed at any time according to the user’s need and requirements. Using sticky note extension for managing work helps in increasing the productivity and maintaining the workflow!

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