One of the most famous forms of footwear in the fashion industry is the wild and saucy Stiletto Heels. To kick things up a notch and to bring out the most feminine side of you, stiletto heels are a good choice. The stiletto was originally designed as footwear that provided artificial elevation in an attempt to lengthen the height of the wearer while drawing attention the legs. Since its inception, stilettos have become so popular that it is still has a place in contemporary fashion after all these years. Simply put, it is considered to be one of the greatest trendsetters in the fashion world.

The stiletto heel made its debut back in the 1930s and obtained its name from the stiletto dagger due to the resemblance of its heel to that of the stiletto dagger’s blade, long and thin. The original design of a stiletto described footwear that had a heel that ranged in length up to 10 inches and had a sole with a width less than one centimeter. One of the more popular varieties Stiletto’s were kitten heels which were essentially low heeled versions of regular stiletto high heels. Another special trait of the Stiletto is the material used for the heel which usually comprises of steel or a metal alloy. The use of this material is intended to be a measure of providing the heels with sufficient strength to support constant wearing.

Despite the reaction of the fashion world towards the stiletto, there has been some debate regarding the usage of stiletto heels and its role in several health issues. These issues usually comprise of muscular and skeletal problems but are actually found to be caused by all high heels and not specifically to those wearing stilettos. These problems involve the elevation subjected to the ball of the foot which is in direct proportion to the pressure it is subjected to. The elevation of the heel also causes a change in the center of gravity of the foot and this is often compensated by bending the lower back. This results in a change to the position of the spine which in turn results in excessive pressure on the nerves in the back. For that reason, prolonged usage may result in sciatica.

However, the common belief that the thin heel of the stiletto causes greater risk of experiencing these problems is simply not true as studies have shown that stilettos are In fact safer for wearing in comparison to other high heels. However, one of the only major disadvantages this footwear possesses is the fact that it was not designed for walking fast which can be easily rectified by choosing to wear kitten heels for better mobility. That aside, stilettos are manufactured with all manner of materials and are therefore suitable for all seasons apart from having a wide variety of designs. They are the darlings of the fashion world that should never be overused. Save them for occasions when a little bit of fire in your step is needed.

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