Still Crying A Year After Breakup: Still Struggling A Year After Breakup

So, your relationship has run its course and you guys broke up. We could sat it is not such a big deal. It happens to thousands of people everyday. A little crying, your heart seems broken for some time, but not long after you'll be back in the scene.

However, you're reading this article to get your ex back, so here are some things you need to do, and some things you don't need to do if you want to get your ex back - even if it's a bad idea since there are plenty of other people out there that need a partner, and some of them might be ten times better than your ex.

Back to getting your ex back. You want to stop stalking him/her. If you didn't do it till now, you can give it a try, though it's not recommended. After a breakup you want to give your ex the silent treatment. This means no contact whatsoever. Say bye-bye to calling, texting and emailing your ex for the moment.

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Now that your ex is out of your life, most likely you have more time on your hands. So, this means that you can use it wisely. Think about what went wrong in your relationship, and learn your lessons. If there's something you need to change about you, do change it.

Also, it's time you give yourself some self-confidence and sexyness. This means you'll need a new haircut, new clothes and you'll need to hit the gym. There's nothing better than the above if you want to reinvent yourself, feel good, and make your ex drawl when he/she will see you again.

Talking about that, by now your ex should have called wondering what happened to you, why haven't you called, etc. This is good. If your ex calls, it means he/she still has feelings for you. The remaining thing is to arrange a date and blow him/her away with the new sexy and confident and savvy you.

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Dealing with the aftermath of a breakup is no fun. A lot of emotional pain is created; there is a lot of heartbreak. Some of the more common advice offered to people after breakup is simply to ignore it or get over it and move on with life. While moving on with life as the eventual goal, there is a process to be gone through first.

What we are actually going through here is a grieving process. Although nobody has passed on, you have still taken a substantial loss in your life. And the grieving process is the same. The important thing to realize is that eventually things will get better, and to focus on that thought. Things may be rough in the present moment, but it can be handled.

One of the hidden stressors in the breakup of a relationship is fear. There is a fear that you will never meet the right partner again. There is also a certain amount of guilt and shame that is brought up in the e-mail wonder if you are ever going to be worthy of having happiness in your life. These are extremely difficult emotions to identify own and process.

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An important strategy is to talk about it to friends or family. A relationship breakup though very uncomfortable is one that virtually everybody in the world has gone through at one time or another. Find yourself some support for friendly shoulder to cry on. This is important because talking about things provides an emotional release and it lightens the load of carrying around all the negative emotions.

In overcoming emotional pain, a great strategy is to focus on the present moment. What I mean by that is that dwelling in the past and ruminate ruminating over things how could of or four should have been is not productive. No matter how much you may want to you cannot go into the past and change things. Likewise, focusing on the future is a fairly fruitless task simply because nobody can predict the future and focusing on it simply produces anxiety and stress. If he can stay in the present moment and work on the fact that you really are okay right now and can control how you're feeling, it makes things so much easier.

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There is nothing that can make a person turn green with envy than to see the person they love in the arms of someone else. In your heart and in your mind that person is still the love of your life. But alas, they have found another and it seems that they have forgotten all about you. Well if that is the case, and you want bring your love back home where they belong, here are some simple rules to help get rid off their so-called newfound romance.

Let them have their fun

This may be very hard to do. But let them have their fun for a little while. They may date this new person, but if the love you shared was real, they will not be able to get you off of their mind no matter how many people they try to date.

Still be friends

If you are still able to talk to your ex then that is wonderful. If you are able to develop an even stronger bond than the current partner, then the new person will become envious and may even want out of the relationship due to how close you two are with each other.

Two can play this game

If you ex can find someone new to spend time with, who says you shouldn't do the same? Have a little fun of your own. No one is saying that you are over your ex; you are just biding your time until you are ready to take him/her back for your very own.

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Double Date

This is an even trickier move. You are going to have to be bold enough to bring the person you are now dating, around your ex and their new mate. The atmosphere may become a little thick, but then you will be able to tell if your ex is jealous or not.

Let them see what they are missing

One thing that may do the trick is to keeping yourself very attractive. You know that your ex was already smitten by your good looks when you first met, but by upping the ante you will be able to tell if they still find you irresistible, or if they have in fact moved on

Who Is this new person anyway!

Try to find out some really juicy details about their new partner. Since you still love your ex you would want to know whom they are dealing with. You just may discover that the person they are with may have more skeletons in their closet then they even realized. When the time is right, tell your ex the truth about the newfound love and hope they take heed to your warning.

No one can take my place

Remind your ex about the good times that you both had together. Make them realize that what they have with this person pales in comparison to the love you two shared.

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How would you like to have your ex chasing you like crazy? Even better yet, how would you like to have your ex desperate to get you back A.S.A.P? Well, since you obviously would love that, let's get straight to it, shall we? Here is how you can make your ex desperate for you...

Act like you don't care about him/her - This will hit their ego so hard, that they will feel rejected. This will make your ex instantly seek your attention, because he/she won't accept that you no longer have any feelings for him/her. The faster you go cold on your ex, the sooner this will happen.

Become really active - becoming active makes you busy, and also takes your mind off of your ex a bit, during the time that you have to act like you don't care. However, it will also make your ex really anxious, because he/she will think you are moving on too fast. This will make your ex fearful that you may be dating again, and will drive him/her into desperation to find out what you are doing next in your life....

Send your ex this SMS: "thanks for everything, and you were right about the breakup. I had a lot of exciting things happen in my life recently, and I have something really amazing that I have to"

Cutting off the SMS is good, because it will really make your ex curious to know what you were trying to say.... your ex will also wonder how it is that you moved on so fast and stopped caring about him/her. This will literally drive your ex crazily desperate to literally stalk you and find out who you are seeing, what you are doing, and all the details of your life now.

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