Have you been working online for a while now and are still having little success? Well you are not alone since many aspiring internet entrepreneurs before you have experienced the same frustrations! In order to make real money online, the type that supports a comfortable lifestyle, you must do more than simply show up! Many online business failures can be attributed to 3 common reasons all of which can be easily corrected!

Let's explore these reasons further and see if in fact your current inability to make real money online can't be traced back to any or even all of them!

Inconsistent Effort

Although working on the internet does allow for you to automate much of what you may do your own effort is still needed! Many 'wanna be' internet entrepreneurs approach their businesses like it's a hobby and their results prove it! If you do NOT want to become one of the countless business failures that litter the internet highway, both your approach and efforts must be relentless and consistent! In so many words if you want to make real money online you must put forth a real effort as well!

Lack of Interest (Yours)

Before you took to the internet to earn an income you did of course choose a product or niche with which you have a real interest, right? Many business failures online can be simply traced to the individual entrepreneur and their lack of interest in what they do! To make real money online you'll need to invest both your time and patience since the profitable results you seek won't happen overnight! Having a real passion for what you do makes it much easier to continue working even without seeing that avalanche of cash immediately heading in your direction!

Lack of Interest (Theirs)

Many new internet entrepreneurs do not have much experience developing profitable businesses and therefore 'forget' to research their niche selection! The most basic yet critically important fact that must be determined is whether your niche is profitable! Now just because you may have a passion for your selection does NOT mean you can necessarily make real money online from it! With a little research on your own computer you can quickly make the determination as to whether your selection is a profitable one! This research is always ADVISABLE and can help you to avoid becoming yet another one of the many business failures found on the internet! If people aren't willing to spend their money on something it's time to redirect your focus elsewhere!

The internet has opened up opportunities for many to start their own business, and for next to nothing, yet many are still having little success! The 'problem' the vast majority of aspiring internet entrepreneurs experience can be traced back to the 3 common reasons reviewed above! The fact is that many online business failures can be avoided provided the entrepreneur is both diligent and motivated! If you really want to make real money online and walk away from your day job you must be willing to work since most internet entrepreneurs do NOT have the help of others! If any or all of the above discussed reasons sound 'hauntingly' familiar to your own situation, the good news is you now know where to focus your energies! Remember there are many reasons for business failures, just don't allow your own lack of effort to be one of them!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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