As an investor, understanding the stock market is essential as it will give you an idea of where to invest your money. Part of understanding the stock market is to know the latest stock earnings reports. Stock earnings reports will let you know how a company performed in a given quarter.

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How stock reports work
Since publicly traded companies are available for any investor, the law requires them to publish their financial reports four times a year to let the public know how they are doing. This report is to help investors make informed decisions on whether to remain as shareholders, buy additional shares or sell out.
Among the things calculated in a financial report are the earnings per share (EPS). Earnings refer to the company’s profits in a quarter after they deduct costs from revenue. To calculate the earnings per share, the gains left for shareholders are divided by the total number of shares. EPS is important in establishing stock price.
A company can follow its financial calendar and choose when to release its reports though most prefer to use the traditional calendar.

Because most companies release their financial reports around the same time, these periods have become known as earning seasons. Earning seasons generally fall in January, April, July, and October. Companies usually announce their release date months prior. An example is the Tesla earnings date, which investors expect will be released soon.

Before a company releases its reports, analysts come up with estimates to show how it will perform that quarter. These estimates can differ as each analyst can come up with a different figure. While they are sometimes accurate, estimates are not always correct. Companies have been known to perform way higher or lower than the estimate. For this reason, it is essential to wait to make a decision on your shares when an earnings report is given.

Nevertheless, investors can judge a company’s performance from these estimates. If a company has high estimates, its stock prices go up as more investors buy shares. A company that does not meet its estimates, on the other hand, will experience a drop in stock prices as its performance is not up to standard. In this case, many investors might decide to sell shares.

However, a company not meeting its estimates does not mean that it is failing. It might still be able to be a profitable investment in the long term.

Why an investor should care about earnings
If a company has high earnings, stock prices will most likely go up. As an investor, you will want to invest in a company with consistently high stock earnings, which shows its profitability.

A company might not be making a lot of revenue, but an increasing stock price could signify future growth. However, this is not always guaranteed.

It is not uncommon for companies to try deliberately to meet their estimates. One strategy they can employ is adding the revenue of a current quarter to a report and not recording costs in a future quarterly. This will mean that a company’s report will not reflect its actual performance.

Bottom line
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