There is some myth in the society about the stock market, due to which a common man keeps on trying to keep himself away from the stock market. Before going ahead, it is important to know that the stock market is not gambling or betting. If someone comes to the market thinking that the stock market is to double the money in less time then this is not correct. Instead, it should be considered as a business completely. In business, Expect a certain profit from the business and we also have a loss due to our wrong decision. In the same way, the stock market also has a profit or loss. Investing fully understanding the stock market can not cause any harm. Therefore, It is important to understand the market before investing in the market. Here we discuss the basics of the stock market

Stock Market i.e. a market where shares are bought and sold. This market has been designed in such a way that whatever transactions are done in the stock market, it is completely safe. Some of its rules have been made, whose supervision is under SEBI.

The stock market is mainly of three types.
1. Equity - The shares are purchased under this.
2. Commodity- The commodities are traded under it. As gold, silver, zinc, turmeric, wheat, rice etc.
3. Taxation - It involves the exchange of currency. Like-money, dollar, euro etc.

Share means the stake in the company, by buying any stock, you have a fixed stake in that company and you are an equal shareholder in the company's loss-benefit.
Shares are mainly bought and sold in the stock market in three ways.

1. Every day (intra-day) - the shares are bought and sold on the same day.
2. For short term (short term investment) - the shares are bought and sold in less than a year.
3. Long Term Investment - which is purchased for more than a year.

In order to invest in the stock market, a demat account will be required. The demat account means that more than one day the shares you buy will continue to be deposited in your demat account. It is as if your bank account. The transaction is done and the transaction of shares is done with a demat account. To buy and sell a daily stock i.e. a trading account will be required for trading. There is a separate 2 account for trading in commodity and currency. Many brokerage companies give all this facility in the same account. Before start trading in stock, this basic thing will help you to better understand the market.

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