After doing all research and making comparisons, you have finally decided that stone flooring is what your house requires. You could have considered factors such as the durability and beauty of this timeless flooring especially when it is cared for as it ought to. Once the floor installation is done, what is required is a well-balanced maintenance regime so the floor can maintain its beauty and last a lifetime. You need to take note that dust, dirt and sand can be quite abrasive; what about high foot traffic that can scratch, dull and even destroy the good finish after some time. This is the reason regular maintenance of stone flooring is a must.

Vacuuming: you can maintain a high level of cleanliness if you don’t allow dirt to build up; you can do a consistent quick and easy cleaning by vacuuming every few days. When you are doing the vacuuming, you want to make sure that the setting if the cleaner is at the ‘hard floor’ setting for good results. This particular setting ensures that the brushes don’t rotate in such a manner that they scratch the floor. Most people leave their settings at the ‘regular floor’ setting which ends up damaging the floor.

Mopping: If you have a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have the ‘hard floor’ setting, you will have to do mopping using a soft dry mop; this prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust. However, you must also mop using a wet mop at least once every week so as to maintain the new look of your floor. Always use those detergents that are recommended for stone flooring and tiles; this ensures you don’t compromise the seal placed on top of the flooring. Ask the floor installation expert for a list of products that are recommended for this floor type so you don’t damage it or dull it prematurely.

Cleaning Solutions to be avoided: When it comes to getting the correct products for stone flooring cleaning, you really don’t have a choice. The same should apply to meticulously knowing about what type of solutions and products you need to avoid using on your stone floor. There a number of common cleaning solutions that are used in the house that you need to always keep away from your floor.

This includes regular household cleaners as well as vinegar; some of these products are too abrasive such that they begin scratching the floor. The same applies to all cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach or lemon juice because they will most likely cause some permanent damage to your stone floor. Also make sure that you avoid tile and tub cleaners, grout cleaners and scouring powders; since these products are not reformulated to clean stone flooring they will end up doing more harm than good.

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