Last summer, I noticed popcorn-like, small, yellowish lumps at the back of my throat.

Out of curiosity, I got a Q-tip and tried to pry the horrendous boogers out.

When they did come out, NASTY is the word that can aptly describe their smell. Ewwww.

Then so many questions started popping up in my head. Like: What is this white stuff in throat called?

Am I suffering from a freaking disease?

Or its food lodged in the crevices of my tonsils?

I thought of consulting my good friend, Google.

There I got to know that these rancid smelling Yellowy-white blobs are Tonsil Stones.

They’re basically clusters of calcified material that form in the tonsils.

Tonsilloliths are composed of calcium; however, they might contain other minerals: like phosphorus and magnesium.

Anaerobic bacteria also reside in them, which cause bad breath or Halitosis (I can’t even pronounce this word properly).

I also got to know the tonsil stones symptoms, which include sore throat, swollen throat, difficulty in swallowing food and pain in ears (this is quite weird actually).

After that, I asked the most important question: How to remove tonsil stones?

My good friend is so smart that it showed me about 199,000 results to my query. Haha

There were a number of ways to rid of those little foul smelling balls. Like: Gargling with warm water and salt, using a bobby pin to pop them out (like seriously), taking antibiotics and using your index finger to squeeze the tonsil stones out of the mouth, this is so yuckkk.

But according to me, going for Tonsillectomy or partial tonsillectomy is the best away to shoo away this nuisance.

I didn’t go for it because I kept it as the last resort.

I just took all the preventive measures like increasing water intake, quitting cigarettes and alcohol (which was quite difficult for me) and consuming less dairy products.

This is how I hindered the tonsil stones from appearing again.

Also now, I know why people keep on saying “Prevention is better than cure”.

But, now I’ve developed an aversion to lemons because their seeds look like gross tonsil stones. Huh

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I am Chris John, love to write, so I like to share my personal experience with all the Readers.