Washing your face with love and slathering soothing serums and treatments onto your face will not stop aging.

Oh sure, your face will be wonderfully cared for but the real cause of aging - sagging facial muscles - will not rehabilitate themselves even when you apply layer after layer of expensive, youth infused substances topically.
You have to go deeper than skincare.

Many men and women believe they can correct facial aging using plastic surgery, liposuction and a myriad of injections that plump and paralyze wayward, sagging facial skin and the underlying muscles. These treatments can dramatically alter your face but you just might not like the results.

Consider this: A 60-year old man decides that his neck looked much older than his body (he worked out his body three times a week and appeared fit from the neck down) – he tried liposuction but the youthful skin never returned. He had regular facials for more than a year, just hoping his neck would respond to the latest and greatest lotions and potions offered by his favorite aesthetician. They didn’t. Now he has had a surgical procedure - a lower face and neck lift. Oh my goodness…the results are startling.

There are three inch pleats in his upper neck behind his ears. His ears appear to have been partially removed to cut the excess skin and the sutures are almost the entire length of each ear. He has swelling in his whole face that produces a weird, shiny tautness and the left side of his face is sporting a large, pale green bruise. There is a newly exposed crease that runs ear-to-ear under his chin. Was that intentional?

He was instructed to sleep sitting up for the first three nights and to ice regularly to alleviate swelling and pain. Well, he began to scoot further and further into the pillows and didn’t adhere to his physician’s advice regarding elevation or icing.

How will his face look in a year is anyone’s guess. Surgery can certainly change your appearance but will you be happy with the results?

Expensive procedure after expensive procedure can distort the face, making one look a little freakish. The 60 year old man paid $7,500.00 for his lift that resulted in many cuts and sutures. Unfortunately he cannot grow long hair to disguise the obvious lines, pleats and creases.

An aging face can rob you of your confidence. What if surgery and injections do not appeal to you? Health concerns, budget constraints and just plain common sense can make you reconsider the alternatives of achieving a younger looking face using unnatural means.

Why not exercise your face to look younger? Learning an exercise routine will reliably plump up your tiny facial muscles. They will youthfully reposition and your skin will become thicker, more radiant without cutting, suturing and no injections.

Exercise for the body will trim, tone, lift and slim a bulging waist, tummy, hips and thighs. Your body appreciates the good feelings produced by exercise and you appreciate the slimness, tautness and sleekness you see in the mirror when you work out.

Your face will benefit from the same type of resistance exercise that works for the body. Facial exercise can lift and smooth your forehead, lift sagging upper eyes, tighten lower eyes, lift droopy cheeks, engage the lower mouth to smooth away jowls and pouches while youthfully sculpting your jaw line and neck.

When you look in the mirror, what would you like to correct? Most likely there’s an exercise for that. You can easily get started today and see the difference in just seconds. Imagine using your thumbs and fingers, the only tools you need to stop an aging face, and look 5, 10, even 15 years younger in just weeks. You’ll love your results and your friends will easily recognize you.

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