If you are 60 or above, then you have entered into a new phase of your life, which is totally different from your earlier life. It’s the beginning of a new era which can be more interesting and rewarding. Being a senior person, you must prepare yourself to play a more important, responsible and a much bigger role in your life.

Aging cannot be any problem for you if you are physically fit and financially sound, rather it gives you more dignity, honor and respect. All that you need to do now is to stop some of your old habits and start some new exciting activities in order to make your life more productive and joyful than before.

I am suggesting some stop and start activities which you may find useful:

- First of all, stop worrying about aging because it’s a natural process of life which cannot be reversed. Therefore, start enjoying every moment of your remaining life and try to make it as purposeful as possible.

- Stop thinking about the good old days and start living in the present. The old days always appear to be good and attractive but you need to live in the real world not in the life of your dreams.

- Stop thinking about your health problems and start taking necessary steps to improve your health naturally by doing yoga, stretching, walking or some other light exercise.

- Stop eating junk food or food with little nutritional value and start eating healthy food because you need to give top priority to your health and fitness at this age.

- If you are a smoker, than take a bold step today and stop smoking. Smoking is no doubt injurious to your health and the cause of many fatal diseases. Instead of inhaling smoke, start inhaling clean fresh air.

- Stop wasting money and start spending wisely otherwise you will face financial troubles in the old age when you were unable to earn money.

- Stop thinking about others and start taking interest in your own family matters. In the past, due to the demand of your JOB, you may had not been able to give enough time to your family but now after retirement you can compensate and give more time and love to them.

- Stop complaining about people because it is always counter-productive rather start complimenting them.

- Stop wasting time in watching TV and start spending your time in reading, writing and other intellectual activities.

- Stop working for money and start volunteering yourself for the noble cause of community welfare activities.

- Stop thinking that you cannot learn any new skill at this age and rather start learning new skills to prove that age is no barrier to learning.

- Stop limiting yourself to your place and start going out and visiting places.

- Stop isolating yourself from others and start keeping yourself socially active and connected.

- Stop worrying and start enjoying fun activities. You can take part in fun activities at any age.

Keep on playing an active role in life, in one way or the other, till you are alive.

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