Have you heard a story about a mother and her 10 year old daughter that teaches a valuable lesson? One night the mother was preparing dinner. The daughter was watching
everything the mother was doing, from chopping up the vegetables to seasoning the sauces. Everything was going fine until the mother cut the ends off the rib roast. ‘Why did you do that?’,
the little girl asked. ‘Because that is how my mom did it’, the mother
answered. ‘Well why did she do it?’ ‘You know I’m not really sure, let’s call
her and find out.’ So she called her mother and asked her why she had always cut the ends off the rib roasts. ‘Because that is how my mom did it’, was the response. ‘Do you know why she did that?’ ‘Now that I think about it, I don’t know, let me call her and ask her why.’
So the little girl’s grandmother called her own mother who was very old at this point, and she asked her the same question, ‘Mom, when you would cook rib roasts, why did you always cut the ends off? ‘Because the roast wouldn’t fit in the oven dear.’

As humans, we learn by watching the people around us, especially when we are young. We learn everything from how to talk to what’s right and wrong and how to be men and women. We also learn how and what to eat. And when it comes to weight loss we are taught to just eat less. For a great many of us, that approach is just not working.
There must be another way!


Let’s take a look at human nature.

The first truth about humans is that they always make the best choice, given the situation at the moment. If your choices are: I can be overweight and eat what I want, when I want, indulge my desires, OR I can be thin and stressed, miserable deprived and FAIL.

What choice do you think will be made?

The reason most people fail in diets is that they think being thin is too hard.

The second truth about humans is that we are emotional creatures. This why we make so
many decisions that later seem to be ill advised. Choices between “He is nice and safe” and “He is HOTT and this will be fun” so often go to the emotional reactions. The temptation of dessert is an emotional temptation. Logical reasoning like “I will be healthier, and “I will feel better” are up against the powerful emotional desire to ENJOY and HAVE FUN when confronted with chocolate cake.

We are of two minds, everyone is, the conscious and the subuconscious. The part of the mind where logic and reasoning and will power live is the conscious mind. That is where rational decisions are made. That is the part that thinks it is in charge. The subconscious mind does everything else. All those things that you don’t have to think about are performed
there. Breathing, heart pumping and even habits are all part of the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is emotional, quicker and more powerful than the conscious mind. It does millions of things every day that you don’t have to think about. It ties your shoes, stirs your coffee, reads, writes, talks and, most importantly, it keeps your habits. How many habits do you have that are counterproductive to weight loss? Do you eat when you are happy? sad? angry?, depressed?. Do you habitually unwind with a snack or a drink? Does football or a movie require snacks?

And the answer is:

If you want to lose weight and stay thin, the first thing you must do is to DECIDE to. But that is not enough because will power and logic cannot defeat the powerful sub conscious mind and its habits alone. You must REPROGRAM your subconscious mind and change those habits so that your subconscious believes you are healthy and thin with the habits that compliment that image. Imagine craving an apple or a salad instead of chocolate, water
rather than a cola, how would that feel?

The process is not as difficult or painful as you might imagine. The tools are well known and
abundant. Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Hypnotherapy are the most common and effective tool. They work by changing subconscious linking. For instance, changing your self-view from fat to thin. Or the linkage between boredom and food. They help you break
habits and addictions. If you are struggling with weight loss, smoking, self-esteem, or
any number of issues, check out NLP and Hypnotherapy. A trained, qualified Neural Linguistics Practitioner or Hypnotherapist can help you create a happier, healthier you.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Blair, B.S
Neural Linguistic Practitioner
Relationship Coach
Internationally read author.
Retired Educator