You wake up one morning looking at your partner and you don’t see him the way you see him before. You don’t understand- you don’t feel a thing for him. Not love, not care… not even hate.“This is bad” you thought- the love making is not as magical like it used to be and most of the time you can’t even wait for it to finish.

You’d rather do the dishes than find yourself naked with the man you have lived with for quite a while now. He repulses you at times and you feel guilty about it but you can’t help it. You sometimes wish he will just leave and not come back, that would make things a lot easier for you.

You want to end your relationship with him- but you hold back and reconsider; besides this is the same person that you fell in love with, the same person you can’t wait to be with, the same person which you thought you want to live with for the rest of your life.

So, you stop for a while and reflect. Is this the wise thing to do? weigh things out. Breaking- up is one of the hardest things to do especially if the relationship has become serious. One of the most difficult aspects in initiating a break up is living with guilt.

Guilty because you have caused tremendous heartache to the person who loves you and cares for you. The pain caused by breaking-up can be life altering and traumatic. Making decisions such as this should be given much thought and exhaust other possible options. Here are some aspects that you need to answer before breaking up.

Is time of the element? If both of have been spending less and less time with each other then maybe, now is the time to really take time and catch up, see what happens. Is there a tinge of longing inside you? In the back of your mind, you hope that things could have worked out for both you.

Maybe, you should drain all possible options to work things-out. Go an extra mile for a solution. If it doesn’t work at least you have tried your very best. Does trust still exists in your relationship? If your partner have wronged you and you are certain trust cannot be rebuild then you will be doing him a favor if you end your relationship.

Is communication a factor? When both of you are too tired to talk to each other, try. Who knows? Both of you might reach a compromise. Is the spark gone? Every relationship reaches a plateau. Do something extraordinary for a change. Have both of you drifted apart? Is he not included in your plans anymore, if so- try to talk things out.

Relationships can be quite complicated and it is never easy. It takes a lot of compromise and consideration. One thing is certain though, if your relationship is turning you into a monster, then you better pack your bag and leave. Both of you should inspire and help each other to be become versions of yourselves.

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