Most people, if not all, who are looking to lose weight are usually obsessed with the numbers on the weighing scale. Most people think that is the only way to track if they are advancing towards their goals. However, what most people do not understand is that they actually want to lose fat, not lose weight. When you lose weight, you may lose your body's water content, muscle mass or even bone mass! That is not what you are trying to achieve. You want to burn off those excess fats residing all over your body. Weight loss is therefore just a by-product, but not supposed to be your main goal. Your goal should be to lower your amount of body fat.

If you were to only concentrate on losing your body weight but not body fats, then you may be smaller in build but still look chubby and have fats dangling over your body. If you were heavier but have a lower body fat percentage, you will look slim and toned. This is so as most of your weight will then be lean muscle mass. When you work out and take a healthy diet, you may experience increased muscle strength and density, adding weight. This can be confusing for you if you were to only look at the numbers on the weighing scale to judge your progress for your fat loss.

When you get overly fixated on the numbers, you risk the chance of sabotaging your own progress by possibly starting to go on a crash diet, which lowers your metabolism rate significantly. The best way I found to check out your progress effectively is to constantly take pictures of yourself in the mirror. Take a photo of yourself once every two to three weeks.

The main thing to understand is that to lose weight and have a hot looking body, you most probably have to implement a lifestyle change. This way, you will also never need to worry about the weight coming back.

Using a tape measure to take your bodily measurements is another super-accurate method of judging your progress.

If you constantly find that your workouts are getting easier, most likely you have developed more muscle endurance or strength, and that is good!

Your clothes are also another great way to help you judge if you are losing weight. If they feel looser constantly, you probably are losing weight.

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