What is the hunger-satisfaction mechanism?

The hunger-satisfaction mechanism is an innate mechanism that works naturally within every person. It causes one's body-which was once a well-oiled, effective machine-"to know" (by way of different hormones) when it needs to eat and when it needs to cease eating.

But, what happens when something within this mechanism goes wrong? What happens when the hunger-satisfaction mechanism breaks down?

In this instance, we eat not because of a physical hunger, but "simply because we feel like it," in order to quell what is bothering us, because we are feeling frustrated, or are experiencing any unwanted feeling. From this point, the road to overeating is not far away.

The good news is that this situation is reversible. We can turn the wheel back, and take control of our mechanism again, even if it has gone wrong. It is possible to learn, once again, how to recognize the hunger-satisfaction mechanism and act according to its needs. I did it 25 years ago and you can as well.

How does the hunger-satisfaction mechanism break down or fail us over the years?

Below are a partial number of reasons to explain this phenomenon:

a. We teach our children that "sweetness comforts". For example, a child cries and we give him a chocolate or other nosh.

b. Certain medications designed to treat stomach acids, or reduce tooth pain have a sweet taste to distract the baby's attention from the pain. They may lessen the pain, but, in effect, they also contribute to the destruction of the body's natural mechanism.

c. Feeding children "by the clock" instead of "by demand" as is recommended by several parents' manuals.

d. Imitation-children watch their parents eat without regard to hunger-satisfaction, but rather according to their mood.

e. Rather than encouraging the hunger-satisfaction mechanism, diets encourage eating disorders, since the objective is a marathon whose goal is to "lose weight at any price."

How does reconnecting with the hunger-satisfaction mechanism enable one to lose weight and/or maintain this weight loss over a very long period of time?

Since we were born with the hunger-satisfaction mechanism, and it is innate in every human being, then our ability to listen to it also exists in every one of us. Just as we will never forget how to ride a bicycle, so we will never forget how to eat according to hunger-satisfaction. This requires us to want to listen to ourselves again, want to answer our needs, and understand that this is a positive, important step in improving our quality of life. Then, with the right knowledge, faith and tenacity, almost everyone can meet this objective.


(1) We have to trust our body, which yearns to achieve its ideal weight, and which will guide us regarding how to eat according to the physical hunger-satisfaction mechanism. Our body will guide us regarding how much and when to eat-for the good of our health.

(2) In this manner, losing and maintaining weight can take place in the most natural way.

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