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People travel from one place to another. We have been doing this ever since the start of civilization. We travel for better life, for holidays and vacations, for studies, to meet our relatives abroad, for business purposes etc. And every country has its own set of rules and its own currency. Our currency won’t work in Germany and similarly the German currency won’t work in India. We need to exchange this currency into the local currency of the country we are in. Bangalore is the IT hub of India and sees a significant number of visitors from abroad as well as people from Bangalore who travel to other parts of the world. was challenging, expensive and full of hassles in the pre-internet days. No hidden fees and zero charges. Thanks to marketplaces like BookMyForex, exchanging dollars in Bangalore is fast and economical for a customer.

Whilst in the rest of the world, plenty of online services work flawlessly, in India, thanks to the laws, those options are off the table. Transferring money from Bangalore, India or exchanging foreign currency in Bangalore by using cash to cash services such as Western Union and MoneyGram are also not allowed. Ironically, all of the above options work great if you want to send money to India. What about exchanging Dollars in Bangalore and not feeling ripped off or the process taking too much of your time. The reason for this is that RBI, India’s central bank and regulatory authority, likes to keep a close check on inflation and other forces that affect the country’s economy. Sounds pretty logical but the common man is stuck with but a few options when in need of making a foreign remittance.

The real devil in the process is not only the documentation but exchanging dollars in Bangalore should be cost-effective, fast and simple. All service providers are required to perform a fair degree of scrutiny before processing any kind of currency exchange. Recently, RBI has relaxed some of these requirements. As of now, if you’re sending up to USD 25,000 and as long as the purpose of your transfer is legitimate, all you need is to fill out a simple application form, specify the purpose of your transfer and submit a valid government ID. If you’re sending over USD 25,000 or if your purpose of transferring funds abroad is non-standard (not education, maintenance, immigration, employment etc.) then you can expect the banks or your service providers to do a bit more due diligence which, as you might guess, will end up taking more time. Additionally, in these cases you may be asked to produce some more documents as well.
Online marketplaces like BookMyForex have bought transparency to exchanging dollars in Bangalore. The whole process is simple and easy. Log onto the website, key in your requirements, pay the amount and you will receive the dollars in Bangalore.

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