Yes, honey you do KNOW what you want…

You dream of it when you let your mind wander…

You can see yourself confidently doing it, in the dead of the night…

But then in the light of the morning, you smile condescendingly at your dreams and chase them away as you get stuck into your regular life.  The one where you just do what must be done to get by, to take care of the family, to pay them bills, to be the solid member of your community that everyone has come to trust and put in a box.

So what, that you die a little every day?

You take more and more steps away from your GREAT work every single day because you are convinced that it is a deluded fantasy to think that you could actually make a life out of what you love to do.

Or worse, you wait for a sign to tell you when it is your time!

The sign came and went and then tried again and you ignored it because you were convinced that it was impossible to follow the sign and so now, you stay stuck wondering why you feel so aimless.

Too scared to really look deep inside because who knows what you might find in there.

It is time to wake up and take responsibility.

You want things to change, then change them.

The people you are called to serve are waiting for you to wake up and come serve them.

The work will not be done without you.

It is work that is unique to you, no one can do it like you though they try.

Face down your fears already AND COMMIT!

If you do want your life to mean something, MAKE IT MEAN SOMETHING!

If you do want to leave a powerful legacy behind, START CREATING IT NOW!

Of course, it is going to feel scary to start with and maybe, for the whole time that you do it.  After all, if it was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, EVERYONE would be doing their GREAT work.  Do you even truly understand what it means to be passionate about something, to have a great passion?  It is painful, it is soul-revealing, it can be heart-wrenching at times – It is not all sunshine and light.

And you kinda know that but you keep hoping that your GREAT work will just happen and you will be taken with the flow of it.  NO, honey, you deliberately get into the flow of it by first of all, getting off the riverbank and jumping in, even if you are not completely sure you know how to swim.  And then you must keep paddling and steering.  There is no passivity about living out your calling and building a business or ministry, writing books, songs.  Nothing passive at all.

There is no waiting for a voice from heaven because it already spoke into your heart and now you actually need to deliberately pursue it.

You actually have to start that revolution!

And then you have to KEEP IT MOVING FORWARD!

Yes, some things have come so easily to you and you thought that all of life would work that way…  IN fact, you might have convinced yourself that if it was right that you do the thing you dream of, then it would just happen…

Yes, well, lots of ‘norms’ go to the grave with that delusion.


1. Own it

Yes, you actually have to nail down what you want!  Admit it to yourself first and face any fears around it.

2. Plan it

As you take deliberate ownership of your great work, you will know what the first step is.  And yuo may be tempted to get supremely clear on all the steps and that can cause you to stay stuck in place waiting for perfect clarity.

Take the first step.  There is no perfect clarity on the fence.  The next step comes clear after you take the first step.

3. Build An Audience by starting a revolution with your words

There are basic marketing principles that work in whatever field you are in.  Whether you are not-for-profit or completely for profit.  Realise you have to promote the FREE stuff as well as the paid stuff.  Everyone’s attention is dispersed in so many different directions, you have to strongly get them to pay attention to how you can help them.  Do not take it as a slur against you when people do not respond as hastily as you want.  Just get better at marketing your ministry, books, products, music and build an audience around that.

Tell them, tell them, TELL them in as many ways as possible.  Blogs, videos, audios – YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads, Facebook Ads – Find your spot and OWN IT with your words.  Your audience needs to hear from you on a regular basis, if you do want to impact lives and create wealth.

4. Create channels for wealth and impact

What are you selling?  Again, even the free stuff has to be sold.  Your ministry has to be promoted – Stop doing the ‘I am waiting for God to bring all the people’ thing – GO GET THEM! Create an event that will be of interest to the people you are called to impact.

What product can you sell, if you do not already have one of your own?

Is it a service you want to provide?  Give it a name that is compelling and tells of the results your people will get.

Is it books?  Get to writing…

Music?  Again, get to writing…

Create those channels for impact and wealth

5. Invite them to take the next step

Now you have their attention and you have a channel to serve them, invite them to buy or to partake of it.  Get on the phone with prospects, do webinars or live events with your people, use social media updates to ask them to take the next step with you.  Invite them creatively.  Invite them FREQUENTLY.  Do not think that ONE invitation is enough. Invite, invite, invite and do not be scared when people leave your audience, they were just looky-loos who did not ever intend to take the next step and now you are being deliberate about serving people, rather than just pleasing them, they will not like it and they will leave.

That is fine.  Let them go.  You have work to do for those who are willing to get a result.

Simple Question: Do you want the life you are born to lead or not?

Yes, then get on and create it!

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