When you hear the word salesman…if you are like me you get a visceral response. Not always positive.
What notions, fears and images come to mind when you see or encounter a sales man?
Images of Willy Loman or Leisure Suit Larry the hustling used car salesman? Or do you bring up
images of “Sales Guru’s” like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins et al? Or if you are really tuned in, the real masters of the
Sales universe:
Steve Jobs, The current President or even…The Pope.
If you are in business, any type of business, you are in sales. However, only a small % of
People stake their livelihood directly to revenue generation or client acquisition etc. Only small
% of those are really able to make a living at it. Only a VERY small % do it well and are
“Superstars” of the sales game. I have been in “Sales” for nearly thirty years. My first “sales”
experience was in a Hollywood boiler room, selling chimney sweeps to people in Southern
California! Who uses their fireplace in Los Angeles? It was to say the least, a tough way to
scrape squeak out “Close”. It was a hard but necessary starting point. We learned fast how to
guide and manipulate a (person) on the other end of the line….we either did or made no
money… but often it had nothing to do with a needed service or the needs or a problem of the
prospect. The realization of that did not bring a warm , fuzzy or proud feelings.
So, I stopped referring to myself as a salesman nearly ten years ago. Why? Because I am not a salesman!
In our profession, I am great many things…but at the end of the day…the ultimate sales superstars learned to stop selling a long time ago.
My advice to you…if you want to work your way into the upper echelon of “sales” …if you want to see earning $100,000.00 a year in the rearview mirror, I have a suggestion:
STOP SELLING! Stop right this very moment and commit to start solving.

Back in the dark ages of sales , we were taught to view the sales transaction like a contest or a battle. There was always a “winner” and a “loser”. we employed “closing” techniques. These were verbal gimmicks, situational set ups, manipulation and emotional ploys in order to get a sale….closed. In every interaction there was a sale….you either sold the mark (oops, prospect) your goods or service…..or they sold you on the some BS that prevented them from parting with their money. In any case it was clear what the intent of the salesman was….and it was also painfully obvious that the intent was to “close “ . Whether it was in the clients best interest or not. The “close” was the win.
The “close” was the measuring stick…. The close was the touchdown. Etc.
This is why we have impressions of Leisure Suit Larry, Willy Loman and Crazy Steve the Stereo guy.
The first thing you must do and this is non-negotiable….(in order to be the Ultimate Seller in your field) You must put in the work to become the best possible version of yourself, raising your level of worth and quality, as a human being in order to possess, exude and employ the right “intent”. What is the right intent? The right intent is to engage in an experience that satisfies all parties involved. This come from a pure place of putting the clients best interest first, then properly understanding the value of your offer and appropriately. That may produce any number of outcomes.
If you want to be the best in any sales….stop selling, stop closing, stop trying to set the customer up in order to knock down a win. You want to truly reach the upper echelon?
Here are five things you can do that seemingly have nothing to do with selling, closing, value propositions et al.
1.)purify your spiritual self.
2.) Improve your body.
3.) Develop you Mind (Skill toolbox)

Purify your spiritual self
1.)Purifying your spiritual self ,will inherently develop empathy , caring and an attitude of service to others. When this is developed, when you truly try to find the best possible out-come for your prospect, this attitude will precede you into any room or situation. People pick up on that. You will find that you will enjoy a trust that you never experienced before.
Improve your body
2.) Healthy body healthy mind. Also, there are numerous studies that conclude people react more favorably to people who are attractive and in good physical shape. Incomes, on average, are higher. People live a “happier” life. Start a program…no matter where you are at physically. You will have more energy, feel better about yourself and enjoy a host of other benefits.
Develop you Mind ( toolbox)
3.) There is an Indian saying, “To know Brahman is to become Brahman” Put in the time to learn the need skills of marketing, sales, consumer behavior. Study people and learn what makes them tick…but most of all hone you listening skills. Active listening is THE most important and effective tool you can learn. It can bring you right to the heart of a win/win transaction.
These of course, are broad strokes, but it is possible to develop enough skill to sail through a transaction, get the business, solve a client’s problem and make a great living. And NEVER ask for a “close” again.
Look for more thoughts, opinions tools in my upcoming book “ I am NOT a (Salesman)”.
Commit today to Stop Selling your prospects, and start solving their problems!
James J. Maioho

Author's Bio: 

James Maioho is a Business Mentor, Consultant, Coach and Author who resides in West Michigan.
A full time, Single Father of two girls, James is heavily involved in the local community, State Politics, Mentoring and volunteering for regional Minority Contractors and businesses as well as various charities, such as Habitat for Humanity and has become active as a mentor and speaker in the achievement community. His is a story of overcoming financial ruin, personal tragedies and a ruinous lifestyle. You can overcome anything by following the simple steps and life a happy and fulfilled life every day.