Snoring is still seen as something funny, but is actually very serious. First of all, you're stabbing your companion and housewives. In addition, snoring is often a sign of the potentially fatal disease of sleep apnea syndrome.
Here are the 10 main causes of snoring, countless tips to stop snoring and advice to treat sleep apnea.

How does snoring occur?

The main causes of snoring;

  • Almonds (nose & throat)
  • Polypse (back in your nose)
  • Hay fever or pollen allergy
  • Overweight & obesity
  • Age (the older, the worse)
  • Hormones (pregnancy, transition etc.)
  • Medications (tranquilizers, etc.)
  • Alcohol (weakens the throat muscles)
  • Smoking (irritates the mucous membranes)
  • Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS)

Below we discuss the causes of snoring - one by one along with the accompanying symptoms and treatments. Hopefully, thanks to this information, you will stop snoring!

1. Snoring because of your nose & throat tonsils

Your almonds are often the cause of snoring ... Your almonds are part of your lymphatic system; Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system. The transition from the mouth and nasal cavity to the throat contain large and thick lymphatic tissue. The two best-known thickenings are:

  • The thickened tissue in the nose throat roof.
  • The thickened tissue on both sides in the back of the throat.

In some people, the almonds cannot control the many pathogens that are inhaled. Thus, chronic (permanent) infection of the tonsils can develop, causing various complaints (fever, throat, sinusitis, etc.) and cannot stop snoring. if your nose and/or throat tumors are infected by a virus or bacterium, naturally extremely large or swollen by irritation or allergic reaction. In such cases, an anti snoring mouthpiece can be a better lifeline. ZQuiet is now gaining too much popularity for people who want to get rid of snoring problems. You can read ZQuiet reviews online here from Stop Snoring Resources.

So you can snuggle tremendously if your nose and/or throat tumors are infected by a virus or bacterium, naturally extremely large or swollen by irritation or allergic reaction.

Stop snoring because of your throat & nose tonsils.

If you snuggle often and hard due to large, inflamed and / or swollen almonds, these (partly) can be removed surgically. Cut almonds can you stop snoring!

2. Snoring due to Nasal Polyps:

Many people snore away from a Nasal Polyps. A polyp or nasal polyp is a small swelling in the nasal mucosa that holds the inside of your nasal cavity. A nasal polyposis usually occurs due to a local allergic reaction. This causes the nasal mucosa to swell locally, eventually forming a small "pouch" consisting of mucosa. A polyp can make you sniff hard and can not stop snoring.

Treatment of snoring due to polyp in your nose

If you snore because of a nasal polyp, you can get medicines like Flixonase (fluticasone) or Nasonex (mometasone). If medication does not work, the polyp can always be removed surgically if you want to stop snoring.

3. Hay fever can get sore

Many people who snuggle frequently and loudly, struggle - with or without consciousness - with hay fever. Hay fever means you are allergic to pollen of flowers, grasses, plants and / or trees. If you inhale pollen while you are allergic to it, swallow your nose and throat mucous membranes, causing snoring. Pollen is also called pollen; hay fever is also known as pollen allergy or pollinose. If you snuggle a lot, there may well be hay fever!

Treat hay fever to stop snoring

If you suffer from excessive snoring, then try to test for allergies. Your GP can refer you to the GP for an allergy test. If you find that you are suffering from hay fever, you usually prescribe medicines (antihistamines) that stop snoring.

4. Snoring can be caused by overweight

The heavier you are, the more likely you have to snore. Because the higher your fat percentage, the bigger the fat stack around the throat. Fat around your throat causes the throat cavity to narrow ... And a narrow throat cavity causes the soft tissue in the throat (hide, almonds and tongue) to gather and vibrate, causing a severe snoring sound.

Stop snoring due to overweight

You can not handle overweight or obesity just so there is no easy way to stop snoring by overweight. People with obesity swear the hardest when they sleep on their backs ... So you can try to sew a tennis ball in the back of your pajamas if you want to stop snoring. However, weight loss is the most effective treatment for overweight obesity.

5. Snoring gets worse with age (sore throat muscles)

Age is one of the main causes of snoring. As you grow older, the muscles in your throat are more relaxed. How to relax your throat muscles, the harder you will snore. If you have never tasted your life, then it can stay that way. However, if you snuggled at a young age, then you're likely to be an extremely hard snurker at the age of 60 or 65.

Age-related & health-related sore remedies

Unfortunately, you can not do much against the natural aging process. However, you can help prevent snoring, by eating healthy and varied foods, frequent movement and non-smoking. If you snuggle because of sore throat muscles, you can sleep on your back. You will not stop snoring, but you will minimize noise.

General tips for snoring

As you can read above, not all causes of snoring can be treated equally. Thus, it is not always possible to stop snoring completely. However, there are some common tips and actions that you can take to treat and reduce snoring.

Nose sprays with xylometazoline may only be used in colds. On the other hand, homeopathic nasal spray can also be used to work snoring. In addition, there are all kinds of other means and measures against snoring, including:

  • Anti Snoring Sprays - Widen your nostrils to stop snoring.
  • Anti Snoring Cushions - Would improve your sleep attitude to stop snoring.
  • Anti Snoring Oil - Would you strengthen your skin to treat snoring.
  • Keep nose clean - The cleaner your nose, the wider the passage to your nasal cavity and the less you snore. In short: gently sniffing, picking up and cleaning.
  • Keep the throat clean - The cleaner your throat, the wider the throat cavity and the less you snore. In short: brush, floss, and gently scrub your throat.

Anti-snoring surgery (somnoplasty)

If the tips, tips and tips mentioned above do not work, you can always consider snoring or somnoplasty. Somnoplasty involves a small surgical procedure in which the cough and the palate are injured. This causes scar formation, which makes the tissue firmer, tighter and thinner. Somnoplasty helps in nearly 100% of the (severe) snoring cases to stop snoring.


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