Constantly leaving and being persuaded back into the trap of an abusive relationship is a cycle that needs to stop, and you can stop right now. This cycle will not end until you completely end all contact with your partner. Do not under estimate the power they have over you, and stop pretending that you will leave if it gets to that point. Trust me, it is already at that point. If you leave once, or even threaten to leave because he/she was abusive and return, then you are living this cycle of abuse. Even the strongest person can fall into this vicious cycle. You probably will need help, and that is more than okay.

You could be the girl or boy who cried wolf in your group. You could be the silent type and never tell anyone about what you are going through in your relationship. What you could be is a mix of both, where you tell some people just the tip of the iceberg, but not enough for them to freak out. Well, that was me, I did not tell my close friends and family every bad thing that happen because I did not want all the attention, and also I did not want to be in an abusive relationship. It becomes more real that way. The cycle will never end if you do not change anything. You will always be lured back in because that person loves having power over you. I have spoken to numerous women who have been in abusive relationships, and all of them tried to leave over and over again, but were sucked back into the evil cycle. This is not 100% the abusers fault. We give them our power each time we accept abuse and believe their lies. Remember that at any time you can have all your power back and them some. This deserves repeating…AT ANY TIME YOU CAN HAVE ALL YOUR POWER BACK AND THEM SOME!!

Take responsibility for your life and make a clean, fast, and most importantly permanent break!

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I began this journey about three years ago, and until recently, I believed this part of my life to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. I could not let go of the pain, regret, and hate I felt. Through my decision to write about my abusive relationship, not only was I able to forgive myself and my abuser, but I uncovered things about myself that were far deeper than I ever dreamed. I uncovered the real reason I found myself in that abusive relationship, and through that, hours and hours of research, love, and a tough introspective look at my soul, I am now happy, healthy, and grateful for my abusive relationship.