It’s Monday and you’ve got two weeks to produce a crucial project for a potential client that will make your company money and give you incredible exposure. You know it’s vital to complete the work and yet something holds you back from starting the venture.

Whenever you find you have the time to work, you end up procrastinating and ignoring the BIG project. You know you must produce, and yet you can’t understand why you keeping putting off a potentially exciting and money-making job.

Sometimes it’s easy to know why you’re not succeeding at life or business, but often, the reasons are murky. You think it’s because you don’t have enough time or you don’t have the right resources or skills. Usually, the reason is darker and more mysterious.

It’s called sabotage.

I can hear you right now. “I do not sabotage myself. I really want to succeed at my business, marriage and being a parent.”

So how do you know if you’re sabotaging yourself? It’s not hard to know if you find yourself procrastinating on a project or not starting until you have every piece of information in place. If you feel disorganized or don’t feel prepared to tackle the project, this is another nasty form of sabotage. This little beast shows up for many of us and it often thrives in our unconscious mind. The main thing to consider is if you’re not achieving your goals and you’re ineffective and inefficient, there’s a saboteur at work.

So what’s a person to do? Begin by facing your saboteur head on and ask yourself very honest questions about your unsupportive habits.

Focus on the feelings and thoughts you have around the project you need to complete. Mentally scan and pay attention to feelings in your body such as: stress, anxiety and pain. When you notice any of these feelings, ask yourself the following question:

What are you trying to tell me? Does the response make sense?

Dialogue in your mind until you are clear about what’s really happening and see if you can see a new perspective or what you need to move forward that will banish the bad habits and beliefs and give you positive results.

How do we develop more success habits and let go of sabotaging habits?

Our habits are an extension of our thoughts and beliefs. The sabotage starts when your habits are not in alignment with your beliefs.
For example, if you want to make a lot of money in your business but your habits are such that you’re not making the phone calls that could bring you the clients, you are sabotaging your success. If you’re afraid to sell but you want to make money, you’re going to suffer from an internal tug-o-war.

Whatever the belief, if you don’t remove it, you’ll witness the same results in your life and business.

What you focus on expands so if you focus on the reasons why you can’t do something, you will get an answer. Then, you will find ways to confirm those beliefs and end up sabotaging opportunity after opportunity so your deepest desires remain unfulfilled.

If you don’t believe you can do something, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy – you won’t finish your project.

Remember: to destroy the saboteur in you, you must address your unconscious.

If you have a gut instinct or a feeling with your intuition, your unconscious is trying to tell you something. It’s important to trust your inner feelings because this is like an internal compass. If we are ‘in tune’ with our gut feelings, we will make better decisions and will act on them.

It is true that we’re born with instincts and gut feelings but the problem is that schooling and socialization minimizes the importance of these markers. We believe it’s crazy to ‘go with our gut.’ Yet, our intuition and gut feelings kept humans alive for thousands of years.

For you to be successful with things that seem impossible, you need the ‘edge’ that those performers at the top of their game have - an ability to interpret gut messages.

To truly succeed, you must trust your gut, overwrite unsupportive habits and increase the size of your ‘comfort zone.’ The comfort zone is the level of achievement or performance which a person can stand. It is based on survival so you won’t get hurt or killed.

It’s basically a self-imposed wall created by your unconscious mind to block and trick you into staying safe and secure and not venturing into the so-called ‘danger zone.’ The wall is also called your Unconscious Performance Limit.

This limit is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s a limit on money, love, attention or self-esteem. When we hit this barrier, we don’t let ourselves move past it because we are governed by beliefs from our history. If we suffered trauma in the past, we won’t place ourselves in similar situations that seem risky to us.

What sets successful people apart from strugglers is that successful people recognize their barriers and seek advice from a coach or a mentor who enables them to push them past these self-imposed limits. Like the concept my son learned in ‘Tang so Do’ when board breaking. You hit past and through the board. Success minded people learn to recognize that the reward is greater than the risk.

If you suspect that you have an unconscious performance limit, you want to make sure that you do. The good news is that there are many strategies you can use to blast through your limits.

First, recognizing and understanding where your ‘comfort zone’ resides is the key towards growth. You also want to pay attention to what level it takes to trigger your comfort zone.

For example, what amount of money do you feel certain you could bring in over the next month? Then, you play with that figure until you get a feeling in your body that signifies stress or anxiety. That is the first clue that you have hit your Unconscious Performance Limit. Clearing your limits it is a whole other topic, but it is possible to significantly raise your comfort zone. I have personally done this and raised it by 30% in one sitting.

Second, you must have positive support from someone who has broken through similar barriers themselves. If you are ready to transform the results you are getting in your life, seek help from a mentor, coach or friend.

Third, you must begin to remove the blockers and negative beliefs by overwriting them with new beliefs that results in positive behaviors.

Fourth, you must have a properly targeted goal that is stronger and has more rewards than the blockers. In other words, the goal must be so big and juicy that you are willing to break through your unconscious performance limit.

Every successful person needs help to bust through negative barriers and beliefs. The best way to do this is with a highly successful technique called the Past Perception Revision Process. This process takes you through your past where you revisit key belief setting experiences and create new perceptions and success-powered habit patterns. You learn to increase your comfort zone which helps your personal and professional success and other areas. You also learn to work smarter, not harder.

So the next time you have an important project to do, dialogue with your saboteur and get it on your side so you break the pattern of sabotaging your success – set the intention and you will excel and break past your barriers and comfort zone to complete that project and bring on greater successes in your personal life and business. You will not sabotage your success – you will excel and break past your barriers and comfort zone to complete that project and succeed in life and business.

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