As we all know the Golden Rule of life is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Are we asking our sales team if they are approaching and treating prospects and customers the same way they want to be engaged - with respect and dignity? Are the sales messages informative and factual, rather than from someone trying to assuage the buyer into making a decision which favors the sales rep but does not favor the buyer too?

Here's how to ensure customers feel like sales reps are on the customer side of the sales transaction.

Sales Leadership Truths - The A, B, C's
Stop Selling and Let the Customer Buy

Most customers have the ability to sense whose needs are being met in a conversation - that of the sales rep - or that of the customer.

This truth examines what we can do to allow the customer to buy from us. In short, coach sales reps in the art in how to start allowing the customers to convince themselves of the needs of your offerings.

Constantly Closing CAN BE Dangerous to Your Sales Health
From working with MBA students at Concordia University it is clear that the conventional wisdom is that sales people are not held in the highest regard, as if we needed this additional data. Our research validates that customers feel they are being "sold" all the time, with too little emphasis on "educating" them on ways products and services can enrich the positions of those responsible for achieving the results of the company. Little wonder salespeople are held in low esteem - they will be until acknowledging adding value to the customer experience separates the true salesperson from the pretenders.

Is there a tendency among your sales force to think of selling as something you do with the customer? This nuance is often not thought about nor covered during training or account review meetings. When the sales rep consistently recalls that he/she and the customer are partners, allies of sorts in problem resolution, the customer senses the sales rep is in parallel with customer true needs. Of the best salespeople, customers always say 'we feel as if they are an extension of my team'. How is this done? Pertinent low key questions delivered with calm and an inquisitive mind will render the conversation comfortable and relaxed and thus make the customer at ease in answering without reluctance.

Contrary to what the sales books preach, let the customer tell your reps what they Want, Need and will Pay Money to Have. Simply coach your team how to ask customers and prospects what issues and concerns they have which hold up a smoother running operation. Guess what, if the sales rep has laid a solid foundation in the relationship - they'll find out!

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Don McNamara CMC, the founder and President of Heritage Associates, Inc., is a sales management consultant, sales management trainer and coach. He speaks, writes and conducts seminars on the art and science of superior sales management and top sales performance. Don has over 30 years sales and management experience in corporate America, having been an individual contributor, corporate sales training manager, regional manager, national sales manager and vice president of sales. Don is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants, where he is a Certified Management Consultant, and is an expert witness on sales and sales management policies, practices, programs, processes and procedures. Don is a Mentor for MBA’s at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California Irvine and an Adjunct Professor for Concordia University, Irvine in their MBA program.
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