One of my favorite phrases is: "The Universe is always handing you the next steps for your business." Now you may think that this only refers to gifts: a new client out of the blue, a great connection, money in the mail. This is all true and absolutely possible (especially as an EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur), but honestly, what I'm really talking about are the problems that pop up.

Whenever a problem or obstacle presents itself, how do you react? I can remember I used to get so frustrated! I would try to tell myself, "Be calm, stay positive," but what I really felt like doing was screaming and I'd be huffing and puffing through it. I can remember waaaayyy back, when I was in high school (and, yes, I've learned since then!) and I was Vice President of the Key Club. During a meeting, no one would be quiet. My answer: I yelled, "Hey, shut up! I don't want to be here either!" Augh. It's so embarrassing it makes me cringe; however, I remember this moment because it has always marked for me how NOT effective that was. Guess what--the results are the same when you are screaming inside. The aggravation energy is activated one way or another. And your outer results are affected because ... you can't fool energy.

Now, whenever a problem shows itself, especially in my business, my ears perk up because I know the Universe is giving me a nudge.

Here's an example of a problem I've heard from every solo/small business owner I've coached with: technology. The email program shuts down, computer freezes, phone cuts out, fax breaks...and who needs to take care of it? You do! Unlike the corporate world, there isn't a tech department to call, so all plans for the day are affected. When I first started my business and this happened I would freak out! I'd be on hands and knees crawling around under my desk moving wires with one hand while holding the phone in the other, trying desperately to follow the directions from the remote technician, and all I could think about was everything else I needed/wanted to do, but couldn't because I was dealing with this.

Now, I stop and assess: what's trying to be born here?

Is my current form of technology serving my business growth?

Do I need a larger hosting plan?

Do I need to not cut my deadlines so close that I don't have room for spontaneous needs?

The same also goes for larger business issues.

Are clients not signing on?

What do YOU need to do differently?

How do YOU need to BE differently?

That's exactly what spurred the birth of my program:"How to Confidently Sell with Compassion: The Proven Prospect to Profits Process™." I had spoken to 6 prospects in a row and not one chose to coach with me. Well, I could have thrown a pity-party, tossed in the towel, taken it as proof of how awful I am, blamed the government, my husband, my family ... instead, I listened.

Boy, did I hear a lot. What I heard changed my business and continues to change all of my clients' businesses with whom I share this proven process. That's more prosperity for all!

Problems = good, not bad

It starts with a shift in perspective. That's the energetic part. Then it requires action taken. That's the practical part. Here's the extra EnergyRICH® Golden Nugget I'm giving you for today: LEARN how to ASK...especially if it's difficult for you (the asking and/or the task). It can be learned! Or, you can find someone to do it for you, but you must ask. You cannot do this entrepreneurial thing alone and pretending you can is going to cause a lot of frustration, pain, and exhaustion.

Action will always move thoughts to $$$. You are one mega idea and one key contact away from your fortune. Open up your energy to receive the steps the Universe is giving you and get the help you need to move you to, as I like to say, a Considerably Huge place.

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action

Name a recent frustration about your business that's really getting to you--nothing's too big or small.

Ask yourself, "What's trying to be born here?"

Receive the answer you get. You KNOW the answer. Don't hide out with indecision, avoiding mistakes, and staying inactive around something by saying, "I don't know." Maybe you don't know how. If that's the case ...

Ask for help.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success Coach, has over 11 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her coaching philosophy is that an individual cannot "do" business, but needs to BE business at a holistic level that integrates thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. She calls this managing your energy. It's important that an entrepreneur do the inner and outer work necessary to activate this skill and belief in them. Only when you have activated this in you, can you fully and confidently present yourself and your business to others. That is what is at the heart of assisting individuals in making all successful outer changes in your business.