If you really want to get what you want in life you must stop using the law of attraction.

That’s right. Stop using it. Right now!

Instead, if you truly want to begin creating changes in your life you must learn to focus on those things that you really want. Make this shift in your mindset and you will immediately start seeing better results in your life.

This isn’t because there is some sort of problem with the law of attraction, far from it! The law of attraction is one of the most powerful guiding forces in your life. That is not the problem. The problem comes when you try to ‘use’ the law of attraction like a tool.

This is what many people do. (You can tell which people do this by listening... they are the ones shouting, “This law of attraction stuff doesn’t work!”) They think that they can pull out their handy, dandy law of attraction tool whenever they need something new in their life.

Need a new car? I’ll use the law of attraction.

Need a new job? I’ll use the law of attraction.

Need a new love? I’ll use the law of attraction.

But it doesn’t work that way. Not at all!

What happens is that those people get all fired up about a particular goal or dream that they have and then they start doing all sorts of law of attraction type things - things like saying affirmations, or building vision boards, or practicing visualizations...

... and these are all good things!

But they don’t unlock your true manifesting power!

Nothing does until you commit to making that change in your life. That’s what releases the true YOU. Making a commitment to change.

What all those people fail to realize is that no one ‘uses’ the law of attraction or any other success principle.

If you are busy ‘using’ something like the law of attraction, chances are that a large portion of your time will be spent asking useless questions like:

“Is it working yet?”

“Is my dream here yet?”

“When is it going to get here?”

“What am I doing wrong?”

Or worse yet, you may find yourself doubting your own abilities and asking something like...

“Does this stuff even work?”

I think you realize that all the time and energy spent on questions like these is really time and energy that you could have spent working on your dream.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Questioning your own belief?
A much better approach to getting what you want out of life is to look at things like the law of attraction as a philosophy to live by, rather than a tool to use only when you need something.

Understand that the law of attraction isn’t a tool to help you manifest a dream... it is a way of thinking and acting that lets you take control and allows you to shape your life into whatever your vision of a perfect life is for yourself.

When you do that, when you integrate ideas like the law of attraction into your life you will find yourself achieving your dreams better, faster, and with less effort than before.

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