Have you heard about the greatest scientific discovery in Anti-aging, yet? Yes, we can now stop and reverse the process of aging at its ultimate source, our GENES!

Throughout history, stories have abounded in virtually all cultures and civilizations describing the desire to find a source of unending youth and beauty. While the search for a source of eternal living has proved elusive, mankind has also strived to simply appear young and vibrant in the face of advancing years. The desire for beautiful skin and a youthful appearance have led to the creation of thousands of different makeup, cosmetics products, and skin treatments over the millennia. The desire for youthful skin continues to this day. And with the advent of modern science, we have a pretty good understanding of some of the factors that cause our skin to worsen as we age, including exposure to sun, environmental toxins and poor diet. There are still, however, many unanswered questions concerning the aging process—and why we all seem to age differently. These questions point to one area least understood when it comes to skin and aging—the biological and internal processes that detrimentally affect our appearance. In recent years, scientists around the world have explored possible connections between in-the-body factors and the health of the skin.

Recently, scientists discovered a new and potentially significant internal source of aging centered in the body’s genes. The researchers have determined that certain gene clusters govern both the body’s youthful functions as well as how we age. As we get older these genes slowly “turn off,” thereby contributing to the various signs that we interpret as aging. In addition, an enzyme called arNOX that is produced in the skin. Present on the surface of our body’s cells, the arNOX enzyme is capable of continuously generating free radicals in the epidermis. While the uncovering of the gene clusters and arNOX and their role in oxidative skin damage was impressive, there still remained the problem of protecting the skin from such damage. Fortunately, NuSkin and researchers from Purdue and Stanford have developed a revolutionary technology—called ageLOC—that slows the production of arNOX free radicals at their source and slows free radicals before they get started.

What started out as an accidental discovery of the arNOX enzyme has lead to the discovery of the exact genes responsible for ageing. The project started right after the discovery of the human genome in 2003. Nu Skin scientists went to work 'with a magnifying glass' to look for aging genes amongst 25,000 genes identified. What they have discovered is going to revolutionize the whole anti-aging industry.

There isn't one skincare product in the world which goes to the source of aging. There is not one cosmetic procedure which goes to the sources of ageing!

From the cheapest to the most expensive skincare, nothing actually stops ageing!

From micro-dermabrasion to acid peels, nothing actually goes to the source of aging!

If we look nutritionally at every supplement company in the world, every company has their opinion that they are the best. Scientist’s all say their formula is the best and company’s says that no there is better than their own product. Well to be honest no one has really known which ingredients and/or at what dosage really does what. It's all been a guess!

For the first time in history, a company is now able to look at a gene level and see if an ingredient is doing something. For example one product has 200 mg of Vitamin C, anoher company has 300 mg. Each company says their amount is right. But how do they know? Well now they can look at a level of ingredient and see what it is doing at the gene level.

This is not only limited to the skin but they are currently working on genes that are responsible for the heart, eyes, brain etc. Nu Skin scientists are now able to develop formulas of natural ingredients and see at the gene level what is exactly happening.

Watch the following short videos for more information on ageLOC presented by Chief Science Officer of NuSkin Enterprises, Dr Joe Chang. Detail information will be revealed at the Nu Skin Convention in LA, October 22-24.



Also, additionally you can watch www.ns-spa.com

The first line of skin product with the new revolutional ageLOC technology will not be available for sale until January 2010. The only way to get the products earlier would be by attending the Nu Skin 25th Anniversary and Convention, October 22 -24, when the ageLOC technology is going to be shared with the whole world and the products available for sale then. The results and testimonials from those who tested the products are just AMAZING! You can see the younger looking skin in just a few days of using the products.

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Ela Corcoran is a holistic health practitioner specializing in anti-aging. She is a homeopath, EFT Practitioner, Body Alkalization expert and also a LifeSuccess Consultant and business partner with Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret. She can be contacted at info@ocproactivehealth.com