Coffee is one of the most commonly used drinks all over the world. It is well known for its essence, aroma and flavor. Who in this world wouldn’t love the fabulous aroma of cappuccino? Coffee is not just simply a drink it is of course an energy drink. Although the major content of coffee, that is, caffeine is said to be harmful the taste of coffee is an addiction to many coffee lovers across the globe. Storage of coffee is an important problem faced by many coffee lovers. Coffee being an organic product, its storage without losing its original fragrance and taste is highly essential but becomes a difficult task. Being an organic product its shelf life is not so long.

Most coffee paramours gave different thoughts about storing it. Many may suggest various methods for storing coffee. One may put forward an opinion of storing it in a refrigerator; others may suggest storing it in freezer or yet another might think that storing in coffee canisters or glass jars is efficient storage technique of coffee. The truth is that all of those techniques that have been suggested are in one way or the other the right option provided in certain conditions. So what do you think is the best method of storing coffee? Before we suggest our off hand blind answers why not we consider the suggestions of coffee growers and coffee roasters who know about coffee?

Coffee beans are obtained from living plants and as we gave already mentioned being organic its shelf life is pretty short. Proper storage increases the storage span of any organic product and the same can be applied for coffee as well. Most importantly, as for coffee enthusiast’s proper storage of coffee preserves its taste and aroma for longer period. Coffee beans contain certain volatile oils and chemicals that give it the special aroma. These oils are released during the process of roasting of the coffee beans. And these oils decay off rather quickly once the roasting process is completed. Furthermore once the grinding process commences then the rate of loss of flavor is even more increased.

To get best flavor from your coffee it should be used within two weeks of roasting and immediately after grinding. Coffee is known to be in its peak flavor within 48 hours after roasting. But practically it is impossible to buy coffee beans roasted before 48 hours and if you buy roasted coffee beans the date of manufacturing is seldom provided. The following tips may be storage of coffee beans so that every cup of coffee remains fresh and pure:

1.Do not store ground coffee.
2.Buy coffee beans and ground it just before you are to brew your coffee.
3.If you buy ground coffee for convenience then note that you store it at room temperature in an air tight vacuum sealer and away from sunlight.
4.Do not store ground coffee in glass jars; instead use air tight coffee canisters.

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