Storage units are becoming increasingly popular among those who simply don't have enough space to store everything. For those who live in small homes or apartments, even a small storage unit can provide much-needed storage space. However, some people discover that utilizing a storage unit also makes them less diligent about throwing things away and instead encourages a kind of "pack rat" mentality. If you're thinking about getting a storage unit to increase your storage space, here are some things to consider.

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage can be a big problem for people who live in small homes and apartments. Bulky winter coats, winter sports equipment, summer boating gear and other items can simply take up too much space. Using a storage unit for seasonal storage often makes a lot of sense. For example, in the summer you might use your garage space for boating equipment, while storing your skis and toboggan in a storage unit. Once autumn arrives, you'd simply swap the items so that you'd be ready for winter fun. The same is true with plastic bins of seasonal clothing. By keeping only the current season's clothing in your closet and storing your off-season items in a storage unit, you'll have a much less crowded closet.

Keep an Inventory List

One of the problems of utilizing a storage unit is the possibility of forgetting what you have stored in it. After all, if you don't remember where an item is, it's not convenient to retrieve it when it's needed. Before packing everything up and hauling it to your local storage facility, take the time to create an inventory list. As the seasons change, you can continually revise your inventory list so that you always know where everything is being stored.

Saving Money with a Storage Unit

Although most people think of a storage unit as an expense, in some cases it could even help you save on your living expenses. As compared to renting a larger apartment or buying a larger home, a storage unit could offer significant savings. The trick to saving money with a storage unit is never renting one that is larger than what fits your needs. Since these units are almost always priced according to size, it's important to use them only for what you truly need to store. There is also a wide variety of price ranges when it comes to storage units. Before choosing the first storage unit you see, take the time to shop around. However, the distance from your home should always be taken into consideration, especially if you think you'll need to retrieve items from storage frequently. After all, it doesn't do any good to save a couple of bucks on rental fees if you use it all up on gasoline expenses.

Resist the Temptation to Become a "Pack Rat"

It's also important to remember that renting a storage unit shouldn't be considered an excuse to become a "pack rat." Strive to keep your storage unit clean, neat and organized at all times. At any point in time, you should be able to go into your storage unit and find anything you need. Before you put any items into a storage unit, ask yourself if you really need to keep them. If the answer is no, toss them out instead of storing them.

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