At nine months, a pregnancy could be exhausting. You will come a point in your life when you will question yourself, will it be worth it doing 'x'? And you usually find the big 'NO' as your own answer. My husband works all day and with my energy reaches a very low point in the evening, we usually just watch television or go out to dinner or to the movie theater sometimes.

This morning, I felt ,suddenly, an energy surge and woke up being excited to go out and then enjoy a sunny, beautiful California morning which is the reason why we came here at the west coast in the beginning. Because I can not ride the board on the sea with my big belly. Our favorite hobby of bodyboarding was not a possible option. So we decided to learn kayaking. I found myself in that position again, will it be worth it? I reasoned a bit differently…

The Adveanced Frame Convertible Kayak by Advanced Elements we bought is easily to install and config, inflatable and fifteen foot long so that we can paddle solo or in tandem. Darren would move the boat from our car into the water, spread out, inflate then fix the seats. Though we were supposed to paddle in tandem it was certain that he was going to paddle solo as I was not intent upon doing any paddling work. I just needed to convince him that kayaking was a very good idea because he will doing the kayak paddling for three people (or depending on what you think, a half and two people) and perhaps also carry the pump and perhaps the paddles. At that point, everything started to look very possible! At nine months of the pregnancy, I was able to kayaking.

We arrived at Dana Point Marina for a comforting afternoon of kayaking. We were very thankful for the kayak being inflatable though our bag was very heavy with 56 LBS of weight. We could move the kayak to the beach and set up it very quickly. I carried the pump and the paddles while Darren carry the boat all by himself. Without breaking sweat, he pumped it up and we were all ready.

While setting all thing up, we see a lady with an another Advanced Elements who gave us reassuring words about the kayak and its continual use for more than five years. We talked a little bit like we were friends for a long time already and we set up a plan of kayaking with her family for the next weekend. She might have been older than my mom or perhaps my grandmother, however the feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm for life in her made her a person easily to befriend with.

I might required a little additional help to get into the boat, but once our kayak was on the water, I thought it was remarkably simple to control and we have a comfortable afternoon of working together and bonding to paddle among other paddleboards, boats and canoes. We really want a life where we enjoy new experiences together. With our AdveancedFrame Convertible Kayak, we could have a afternoon being free of distractions, stress while paddling on the kayak together. Personally I felt my sense of relaxing that I had not had in months.

My back felt comfortable thank to the adjustable and high support padded seat. And as I could not go for a entire afternoon without something to eat or drink, we brought with us snacks, water and a camera in the laced deck and the tied down D-ring. The biggest problem was I had no place to pee, anyone with a baby would understand what I said. That is something very frustrating of a pregnancy. Luckily, I was able to come back ashore after two hour of paddling for a restroom break.

The thing gave me the most surprise was that I wasn't soaking at all. We were very impressed we did not have any water on ourselves during a full afternoon of kayaking, perhaps because the waters was calm in the marina. I was only collect water because of the paddles of Darren splashing constantly. But of course I did not complain at all as he was the one who did all the job. It was not that I was graceful, very few things is graceful at this point of my pregnancy.

Once my child grows up, I would want to have the same experiences with my husband and her and we will teach her to appreciate working together.

I'm tired from a afternoon of paddling around with my loving and supportive husband. As the due day comes closer, we know we could still have a same love in our child. It will come to the day she will be the one carrying us around the marina or on the vastly open waters.

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I’m Chris Alex. I’m a British writer. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I have also been an English Teacher for over a year and have ample experience with the literature necessary for this. In addition to this, I freelance as a screenplay critic, with such duties as editing and proof-editing.