Tiger is the main member of the cat family. They are self-reliant, brave predators and this makes them reasonablytough in competition. Tigers have great national and historical importance. They aretopmosthunters of the food series; tigers keep check on population of target species in order to maintain the equilibrium between herbivores and the flora upon which they nourish. India has the highest percentage of Tigers in the world among which one place Ranthambore National park, Rajasthan is well known for its Bengal tigers. In Ranthambore every tiger has a distinctstatus and a story which makes them different from one another. Here are some interesting stories of somefamous tigers in Ranthambore National Park:
• Machhali-T-16: This majestic tigress is the pride of Ranthambore National Park. She is the eldestliving tigress of this reserve. Tourists are very much inquisitive to see this old tigress which likes to pose in front of them.
• Sundari-T-17: Sundari is a daughter of T-16. She is known to be as beautiful as her mother T-16. She has all the guts to carry forward her mother’s legacy.
• Laila-T-41: A beautiful and mature tigress Laila from Ranthambore National Park. She probably seen in zone 4 and 5 of Ranthambore Park. T-41 is a daughter of T-4.
• Akash-T-64: Akash is a fairly young and bravemature tiger. An elder son of T-19 mother and T-28 father.
• Romeo-T-6: The tourists get attracted to the young tiger Romeo that tries hard to catch the attention of other female tigresses and in return tigresses also get attracted towards T-6.
• Fateh-T-42: Fateh is aviolent and brutal tiger. A son of T-30 mother named Husn-ara.
• Ladali-T-8: T-8 is a shy and inhabitant tigress and daughter of T-5 and T-2. Ladali can’t easily be seen to the tourists.
• Rocky-T-58: Rocky is a quite young and bold adult tiger. Generally seen in zone 7 and 8. He made a wide area of Ranthambore National Park as his territory.

There is recent increase in tiger counts which is great news for tiger lovers and hence there are many more stories of these bold and beautiful creatures to tell. These stories will definitely induce you to be the remarkable beholders of these magnificent creatures.
Tiger stories of Ranthambore National Park
Magnificent Tigers of Ranthambore National Park

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