Everything you think on any subject, is a story your mind is resurrecting and reciting. Even your smallest of daily activities are accompanied with a mental chatter, a distant or faded story about something or someone, playing in the background. Your mind strings thoughts together in reaction or response to some event that once appeared, and this string of thoughts becomes all that occupies your momentary view.

“What did she mean by that?”
“Why did he say it like that?”
“Maybe I can look into it when I get there.”
“What should I do?”
“Why did I say that?”
“I can't believe I let it get that way.”

This mental story is believed in and paid attention to even though it has absolutely nothing to do with your immediate moment, your powerful Now.

Most thoughts that are paid attention to, that are tuned into, are about things that aren't happening right now. The event the story is about has already come and gone. It isn't happening anymore. It isn't happening right now. Yet still, the mind carries on as though it were. You're trying to figure out something that isn't happening at all anymore. You're trying to understand something that isn't happening at all anymore. These mental tendencies aren't good or bad, but they are all involving you in trains of thought, in stories, that have nothing to do with your immediate point of power and focus.

This innocent moment where your feet touch the ground, where you breathe, is all that's really here. Any thought that isn't about this immediate moment is a projection or a mental evaluation of something that isn't happening, the past or future. Everything that isn't about your immediate space of being is always just a thought, a story you're tuning into and taking to be real.

Now every thought you entertain or express, is a specific vibrational signal that you broadcast to the Universe, to the network of Creation. When you're trying to understand something that isn't here right now, you're sending out a vibrational signal. When you're trying to figure out why something happened in some way, you're sending out a vibrational signal. When you're remembering past situations or projecting ahead in anticipation, you're sending out a specific vibrational signal.

Every story you tell in your mind, every train of thought you tune into in your mind in your Now-moment is broadcasting a particular frequency outward. And it is the culmination of this ongoing broadcast emanating from you that translates itself into your materialized physical experience.

Confusion is a vibrational signal. Frustration is a vibrational signal. Peace is a vibration signal. Whatever thought you focus on and deliberate over, whatever thought you release or let go of, is having you broadcast a specific signal.

Your power resides in your ability to choose what thoughts get your attention and fixation in this powerful immediate moment. You can choose whatever train of thought, whatever story-line, your mind plays in your now-moment. You can choose what you predominately radiate or broadcast outward.

Anchoring your attention in the freedom of your now-moment goes beyond finding the inner peace that's always here right now, beyond the veil the mental story casts. It is in and through your awareness that everything about the past, and everything about the future is just a mental story that you can choose to tune into or tune out, that you master what vibrational signal you send outward, and so master what materialized events and circumstances you inevitably draw and actualize all around you.

There is no past. There is no future. Past and future are only mental projections – narrative stories being believed in, in THIS moment. There is just this powerful Now in which you focus and re-focus in your chosen direction. The only thing that takes you beyond this instant or talks about “before” this instant is only a thought you can choose to believe or let go.

There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to figure out. There are only thought-streams you can choose to tune into or tune out of. Your choice of focus is your power in every moment.

Putting It To Practice

Make a commitment to remember the story-telling nature of your mind. Every morning at the beginning of your day, remind yourself “today, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, I'm going to remember that right now is all there is. I'm going to remember that everything beyond this moment is just a pattern of thought I'm thinking, a story my mind is telling. Today, I'm going to remember that I can choose what vibrational signal I send out by choosing what stories I let my mind chatter on about.”

Create your own reminder, and consistently use it daily to train and tame your mind so that you can direct it rather than having it direct you. If you catch yourself in the midst of the mental chatter, ask yourself “is this the vibrational signal I want to broadcast? Is this the frequency I want to to into? Is this the essence or energy I want to radiate?”

*Article first appeared in the June issue of Intrinsic Focus monthly newsletter: http://www.infinite-life.com/newsletter.html

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Kidest is a personal and spiritual transformation consultant and coach offering tools, processes, workbooks, and her unique perspective to guide and direct those on the path of self-transformation. For more information about her approach and products, please visit: infinite-life.com