Being diagnosed with a serious, life threatening illness is devastating news for anyone. Sometimes the prognosis seems hopeless but with just the right treatment, a brand new diet regimen, a positive attitude that won't quit, and a little bit of luck, we are not defeated by the illness or disease. Research often reminds us of just how powerful our brain is and that we use only about 10% of the brain's capacity. Our potential for healing may be much higher than most of us realize.

Recently, I received an email from a colleague, a man who trained in the same powerful healing modality in which I am certified, Rubenfeld Synergy. His email, sent to the entire Rubenfeld Synergy community, touched me deeply and I wanted to share it with others as a personal inspiration. If you have ever suffered from a debilitating disease, if you have recently received an upsetting diagnosis, or if you have been coping with a chronic illness, these words may offer some comfort, solace or sense of connection, remembering you are not alone.

John Smith wrote:

"I was diagnosed with Stage II marginal zone non-Hodgkins lymphoma…. The prognosis was that it would be treatable. I am half-way through chemotherapy and the tumors have shrunk about 50% which is the expected response to a successful treatment at this point. I am feeling very well even now and my former energy levels have returned over the last couple of weeks….Needless to say, this has been a life-altering experience in a very positive way…. Here is a poem I composed during chemotherapy."

Strange Gifts

By John

Reclining in the cool chemotherapy treatment room,

I sit with other patients.

All of us linked by a common thread.

Today is the nadir treatment for me.

I feel already cured, cared for, as if it were already gone, finished and done,

This hidden mystery in my body, a strange gift, a lurking cancer, caught as if by surprise,

Will not wreak its intended havoc.

This threat of death was subtle,

Disguised; discovered living where only an almost magical device could see it at work.

I think of the gift of new tomorrows, new days, as if reborn.

I think of the gift of growing through adversity.

I think of the unexpected kindness and help of others and the gifts of the people in this world who give their lives to and for this resurrection.

A grateful new life has come to me.

Healing is possible in every moment of our life. Sometimes healing takes the form of removing the disease, putting us into remission, and allowing us to resume our daily life. Sometimes healing does not remove the disease but allows us to accept the pain and suffering as an inescapable part of life. Sometimes the disease is the gift that transforms our consciousness into a higher state of joy and appreciation for lilfe - as it is. Healing sometimes offers strange gifts.

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