We have discussed this previously - as a business; mass customization offerings are the future. It enhances the experience of the customer and gives the best output, to the local users’ right from the beginning. The demand for customization is increasing, and people are looking for more customized products, and in that 39% of people are very much interested in product customization and especially in the apparel segment.

The enterprise that is offering customization and opting apparel design software are experiencing high growth. But, yes, where there is innovation, there are hurdles. And if it can't be, then it can transform the revenue oriented firm into an ailing one. Well, that's also the fact that various enterprise owners implementing mass scale customization go down in initial 12 months due to lack of planning, but on the other hand, there is also a success story of various brands too.

We will see what the strategic challenges that create hurdle in the customization are and how one can handle them:

1. Costly or tough to implement:
Well, the things may look great in theory, but implementing full stack customization software with the website is a daunting task. Just imagine, enabling the user with the traditional way of getting together, making the prototypes and personalizing them back and forth. How many customers' do you think to follow instant gratification in this high-speed era? The best strategy is to integrate the tailored solution, software which gives your customer an option of customization and places the order. Well, this software has one issue, that service providers sometimes gives so many unnecessary options that makes it complicated to use and end customer ran away due to such complexities.

Usually, getting the customization platform designed for the website is also expensive. High-quality sneaker customizers cost thousands of dollars and take so much time to grow. In addition to that, you have to pay an extra cost in case of any change request along with service and maintenance cost.

The solution is very simple, ask your service provider to provide only those functionalities which are necessary as per your business needs. This can also help you in saving the additional cost. In addition to that, the enterprise owners have to go from an in-depth analysis of the demands of the customers and where the market stands? The software can be developed in a way that it can stand tall when it comes to satisfying the needs of the customer.

2. Efficient manufacturing techniques:
Creating and executing large customization plans varies from business to business in the apparel industry. Every personalized product has a different type of designs, and hence, numerous aspects of production get attached to it.

Being a business, it is not seriously impossible to predict or perform different combinations of products in a big way at a time. This gives the challenge to various aspects of customization. The time of the production for the customized product is not the same in compare to the product without the customization. The time consumption is higher when it comes to replacing the other factors based on formats and print areas, transforming the print process in custom designs, and changing the overhead of the print, etc. will increase.

3. Meeting the demand:
As it is certainly tough to make the prediction about the user and what they will order in terms of designs, so managing the stock accordingly is the tough part. If the demand exceeds the capacity, you will have to face a loss of the inventory. Few businesses manage it by adding extra inventory, but that also makes the warehouse costs too high. This is due to making the engagement of capital in the business inventory.

But, we discuss the solution' you can have stock forecasts through planned bills. They are the normal regular bills'. These are based on the predictions according to past trends and user behavior. So, investing in such clothing design software helps in making the manufacturing very efficient to an extent.

4. Customer's expectations management:
The user will always expect more than that business on the same day huge discounts, competitive pricing, and delivery age. When you implement a large scale optimization, the prices of the product will high, and timelines delivery will also increase. Due to that, various end users cannot go with the customization process.

Moreover, when you make unique products for specific users, the return policy will not be implemented as the product cannot be sold to everyone. This can make users worry. End users are used to the no question asked' return policy and in this situation, offering the product with no returns can create an impact on the sales.

When we see the solution, various mass customization hurdles are mean to resolve through expectation management. Make clear with the website as well as a content message that you are availing premium services with the personalization options. It can help in clearing up the pricings and timelines.

At the time of integrating the custom product configurator, try to promote efficiency and transparency with the help of the entire procedure of customization. Moreover, you have to see the designs, editing options, and templates and make it as per the order. You can make the justification of no return policy by giving a message that "You get what you see."

Wrapping up:
In this tech-oriented era, 24% of the customers expect from the company that they should deliver the custom products. This is because business usually does not understand the hurdle of their customer, and this makes their customer away from them.

By implementing mass customization in your eStore have some merits as well as demerits. But with the correct strategy and robust fashion design software, one can change the entire process of mass customization in a profitable and scalable asset.

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