Wondering what to cover in your next team building session? We can never seem to run out of idea for this one but of course, there are always that would need more emphasis over the others. What if the participants for the next team building program are executives and middle managers? A perfect topic to discuss would be strategic management. This management concept, sad to say, is often overlooked because many of us assume that executives and middle managers already know about this. Yes, they might have a grasp of what this concept means and what they need is to better appreciate how this concept is applied to the real world.

As the name suggest, strategic management involves the definition and management of strategies. In organizations, these strategies are the means to achieve the shared goal. Without the effective management of these strategies, an organization cannot easily transform its vision into a reality and thus, will simply remain an attractive vision that can never be put into practice. And this is why it is deemed important to help executives and middle managers have some form of refresher involving this management concept. In this way, they can become more effective in delivering their roles and responsibilities.

Aren’t team building programs meant to be some form of paid vacation? Certainly, they are not. A team building program is an opportunity for teams to further develop the spirit of collaborative effort to become more successful in achieving shared goals. So where does strategic management get into play? Let us keep in mind that teams do not only exist among the rank and file employees - even executives and middle managers need to work as a team, although they might be handling their own different departments. This is because an organization, no matter how diverse the functions that exist, needs to work as a single unit.

With this in mind, it is not hard to see why there are team building programs that cover specific management concepts like strategic thinking and management. In this way, a team building program can truly be a form of a learning and development activity.

The next time that it might seem everything has been covered in the previous team building program, better think again. Try to check because important management concepts like strategic management might have been missed. And if they indeed were, the next team building session might be the best chance to get things rolling.

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