Mobile Learning has become an essential part of corporate training and with constant use of these impressive Mobile Learning strategies, you can enhance the impact of training. These strategies will also help you in creating a positive impact on your ROI.

Here are the 4 major strategies to make mobile learning more effective:

Microlearning for Better Recall and Retention:
Build training paths and learning courses to offer short, nugget-based learning to employees. This way you'll be able to help employees improve their knowledge retention capability. Employees will be able to go through these videos whenever they feel like and the short duration of videos will help them understand a concept in less time.

Gamification Provides High Engagement:
Add gamification for serious training and you'll notice more powerful engagement and greater retention for corporate training. According to a survey, 90% of employees feel more productive when leveraging gamification, and engaging in gamified activities increases motivation by 58%. Also, more than 69% of employees intend to stay with a company for over 3 years if they get to indulge in gamified activities.

Video-based learning for In-Depth Understanding:
You can use the strength of video-based learning to decorate a traditional eLearning course. Creating content in video formats and graphics helps learners understand a concept more precisely and they can concentrate on learning with deeper interest.

Social Networking Promotes Collaborative Learning:
The best mobile LMS consists of a social networking feature that helps in collaborative learning. Smartphones can be used to share and recommend learning videos. It can also be used as a communication platform to interact with peers on both, formal and informal topics.

According to a research, it's anticipated that in the next two years, 1.87 billion people will be Mobile employees, comprising 42.5% of the total global workforce. This proves employees are no longer bound to their desks and prefer completing assignments on the go.

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