Do you have strategies to save the most money per month in place if not it is a hard thing to do when you do not have the habit and behavior to save.

Here are some simple and practical ideas that will make a difference if you follow some of them, ideally using more of these ideas will increase your chances of success but just don’t take my word for it take a step to create new habits it will not hurt too much and you may enjoy the new way of behaving.

Have a goal

It is good to have a goal in mind for it will motivate you to attain your goal and keep you on course and that can be a vacation to paying down a hospital bill or paying a school loan to buying a new car, whatever it is having a goal gives you something to achieve and to show yourself that when you put your mind to do something that you can get it.

Have a goal

Think of when you go to the grocery when you buy one item it is not necessarily expensive but put fifty items and it gets expensive at the check out so too is it with having many little step to getting more money.

Take a look at the different places that you have membership with and see where you can cut back on if it is not necessary.

1 Use your dryer on full loads.
2 Clip coupons for grocery can save some money.
3> Using light bulbs that saves you on energy and turn off lights when not in use.
4 Using power strips.
5 Unplugging unused appliances.
6 Carpool when you can and plan your errands to use the least gas possible and look online for lower gas prices.
7 Hand wash delicate clothing instead of using the dry cleaners let your ironing become your meditation or take the time to see how much you are saving a year in doing it better yet how much you are teaching your family about achieving your goal.
8 Using public transportation if you cannot get into a carpool.
9 Make and bring your lunch to work this can be fun if you get others in your work place to share recipes.
10Make your own coffee to bring to work.
11 Use cash for all your purchases
12 Look for a nearby beauty school to have haircuts, color, and a person who provides care for the feet, toes, and nails for cheaper price. 13 Look for dentist schools that you may get dental treatment for less the cost of a regular dentist.
14If you need to purchase medicine those generic brands will save you money.
15 If you have loans that are too high, get some help and consider consolidation if the interest is going to be lower.

Organizing a cooking out

Some changes do ask of you to get support from others that you may not be accustom to doing such as organizing a cooking out where some of your friends would come over with different things for all of you to cook and have for the month like tomato sauce or some different soups to freeze so when you are late and tired and wan to have a quick meal it is already done.

Buy things on sale

In general when you buy things on sale and in great quantity with friends and family things comes out cheaper for everyone.

Visiting the one dollar store when you need to purchase small items can be a great saving.
Cut back on your credit card use and speak to the company about lowering your interest rates.

The good thing about these changes you can make a chart to see how you are doing with your savings to reach your goal it is all about taking each small step and breaking it down even further so that you can feel you are in charge of what you want in your life and not to feel that you have to keep up with the Jones.

Conclusion: Strategies to save the most money per month is a very good idea when you have habits and a goal in place for this will lead to success.

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