Strawberry detox water is the newest trend for weight loss and healthy living. We are fairly certain that it won’t be a short-lived fad because of its numerous health benefits. It is also quite flavorful and easy to make.

Basically, chopped or squeezed fresh fruits and vegetables, such as lemon, ginger, mint leaves, grapefruit, orange, sweet lime, cucumber, apple, strawberry, and so on, are placed into a bottle or jar and filled with water. It is then stored and chilled overnight, allowing the goodness of these fruits and vegetables to infuse into the water. So, this becomes more like a nutritious stock that can be sipped throughout the day, just like plain water. In addition to its numerous health benefits, this nutrient-rich water keeps the body hydrated and helps with weight loss.

Rich in taste and scent, strawberries are a delicate gift of nature. Belonging to the rose family—yes, it’s true—strawberries are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. And now, the goodness of strawberries in detox water can be enjoyed as well. Known as strawberry detox water, this is nothing but strawberry-infused water.

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