Life is filled with so much uncertainty that, at times, the only survival technique that will work for me is tapping into the Power of Grace. Grace is that divine intelligence that is tirelessly working in my daily life. I need only live in awareness of this Grace to gain its incredible strength. As soon as I tap into its wellspring, I feel a deep sense of inner peace and serenity. I find the hardest part is knowing that this Grace is always there, available for me to access if only I choose to live in an aware state.

Here are a few affirmations to help you stay in the zone:

Grace is not something I strive to obtain but rather is something I allow myself to be and experience.

When I choose to live from a place of harmony with myself and all of life I can experience the beautiful gifts of Grace; such as wonderment and awe, blissful gratitude and unconditional love.

By understanding how I align my mind, body and spirit with the world, which comes from awareness of self, I can better flow with Grace in my daily life.

You may find Nancy at @AwakenWithLight, and Google+. Nancy also has a weekly radio show on also available on iTunes.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Gentle Boudrie, owner and founder of Awaken With Light, Inc., is a Usui Reiki master and teacher, Angel Intuitive Practitioner®, IET Advanced Practitioner®, as well as a certified meditation instructor and practitioner.

You may find her at @AwakenWithLight, and Google+. Nancy also has a weekly radio show on also available on iTunes.