Just came in from a walk with my darling dog (DDog) Sisko – he’s getting a bit old, so we have to walk a little slower than in the past, but it was such a beautiful warm day that it didn’t hurt my feelings one bit to walk slower. We covered 1.22 miles according to a great website from Prevention magazine. It’s called My Walking Maps, and you can start from either your home address (or wherever you happen to be) and map out your walk.

Since I walk through my neighborhood with DDog a lot (at least twice a day) I know my streets and approximately how far the walks are. If he and I are both feeling strong, we do a longer walk, otherwise we keep it short. Walking is great exercise, and feeling your body flex and move is great!

No matter what your current physical condition, walking can help you to build strength and flexibility, aerobic fitness and confidence. When I started walking as part of my weight-loss journey, I was only walking about a 1/2 mile total. At the end of that walk, I’d be really TIRED…you know, dragging my feet coming home but happy that it was almost over. I remember the day I walked to our local high school – it’s only about a 1/2 mile from my home – and back without any pain, discomfort or huffing and puffing. Happy Day!

Now I walk that route as one of my ‘short’ walks with DDog if his arthritis is bothering him. Our normal walks are anywhere from just over a mile to over 3 miles, and I love the activity. Walking is a big part of how I lost 85 lbs in 14 months and how I’m reshaping my body – and last fall, I pushed my own limits and ran a 5k race! I came in second to last, but I didn’t care – I was happy to have finished!

Strength is definitely beautiful – and walking is just one of the ways to develop strength…no matter what your current level of fitness, you can walk. If it’s not more than a few steps right now, just keep doing that, and you will get stronger. Three 10-minute walks is the same to your body as one 30-minute walk – you will build strength and fitness because of the activity.

Each time you walk, you are giving your body the beneficial exercise it needs and moving you a step closer to loving your reflection. You do not need to look for the faces you see in the magazines – look in the mirror and admire YOUR strength, YOUR beauty, YOUR fitness. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather (or whatever season you’re in) and find an activity that helps you to develop new strength.

Author's Bio: 

Dianne M. Daniels is an accomplished Image Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Coach whose heart’s desire is to give women the tools and information they need to develop and manifest a healthy, satisfying and positive self-image.

Dianne’s passion comes from a desire to help women love who and what they see in the mirror each day, whether that image agrees with what’s displayed in advertising and magazines or not. We each have a unique and special beauty about us – that comes from our core – and expressing that authentic essence in our exterior visual helps to align your personal energy.