1) Strength of humility:
How do we become strong? One way is by lifting weights. Lifting weights means to struggle against a force. Gravity is pulling the weights down, and we are trying to pull them up. It’s a struggle, it’s a strain. Similarly, the law of nature in this material world is to make everybody proud, to infatuate everyone’s ego. Even a pauper is proud of his penny. The rich people are putting better diamond jewelry than the other rich people, and the poor people are sleeping over better rags than other poor people do. Everyone is competing against peers to get a more prestigious position. Everyone wants honor and respect. It is the nature of illusion to pull our consciousness down to the egoistic platform. But our goal is different.

We have to struggle against the tendency of egoism, of exploitation, and we have to take the position of being a humble person; not to exploit but to serve, not to seek respect but to give respect. If we just try our best, God will give us the power to succeed. Then we can experience the ultimate treasure of true spiritual humility, and in that humility, we can understand the greatness and glory of Supreme Lord; in that comes the ultimate bliss.

2) Truth – A Universal Principle
Sincere people want to approach religion to learn how to love, to learn how to be good to others. All great religions, scriptures and true saints of the world end up at one subject matter—not being a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew, or a Buddhist—but knowledge of ‘Truth.’ Truth cannot be different in different places in different times. Truth is a universal principle. What we learn in colleges today are relative truths, which are very important in our practical everyday lives. How to be a good engineer or computer technologist or manager or businessperson? But what is the underlying truth? Where am I coming from? What is the goal of human life? Who am I? What is consciousness?

To understand the nature of consciousness within us is truth. Every part of our body is changing; even our mind is changing to some extent. But there is something constant throughout the changes, and that is our consciousness. Therefore, when we talk about religion we are not talking about beliefs, blind faith or a particular set of rituals. We are talking about that science which gives us an understanding and an experience of truth—the underlying truth within us and within all living beings. That truth harmonizes humanity and all living beings. Without that truth, all so-called harmony is superficial and is doomed to failure.

- HH Radhanath Swami (http://www.radhanathswami.com)
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