The Many Benefits For Women Who Are Fit and Fab

Most women have the misconception that weight training will leave them looking bulking and masculine. This is actually a huge misnomer and in reality using strength training equipment to add weight training to your workout regimen has many advantages. Since women possess only a miniscule amount of the male hormone testosterone, which causes men to look bulky, it is near impossible for a woman to get as buff looking as a man. Unless a woman takes progesterone supplements or steroids, it isn’t possible for a woman to get too massive from weight training. Below are the pros women can experience by adding strength training exercises to their work out routine.

Lower Risk of Disease

The American Heart Association supports weight training in women and says that it helps improve heart health. Weight training aids in lowering harmful cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol. Further, it has proven to lower blood pressure and actually leads to diabetes prevention because it keeps blood glucose levels down. Strength training can even increase lung capacity, which leads to lower chances of respiratory illness.

Not only does weight training have heart health factors, but it can also keep osteoporosis at bay. Recent research shows that combining strength training with a diet high in calcium can increase minerals found in your bones. These minerals usually begin to decrease as women approach menopause, which leads to bones decreasing in density. With this research in mind doctors are now encouraging women to add weight training to their exercise plan so they can keep their bones strong and healthy.

Obtain that Toned Look

If you’re facing issues with loose skin, especially in your upper arm, abs, breasts, or butt, resistance training can help. Exercise with strength training equipment will improve your muscle tone and leave you feeling confident about your new firm body. There are various pieces of equipment that target specific body parts and will leave your once flabby areas tone. Since weight training builds lean muscle it can increase your metabolism which means you will burn fat – even when you’re not working out!

Free Confidence Booster

As you begin to see your body transforming into a leaner, firmer version of your former self, your confidence will shoot through the roof. Research shows that women who weight train see many psychological benefits and their mental health can improve drastically.

If you’re a woman looking to improve your physical appearance while increasing your health, strength training is the way to go.

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