So many occasions arose this year for me to transform my way of being. I had many sleepless nights early in the year worried about where extra income would come from; stress over things not working out quite right; and in all honesty I was somewhat sensitive. I’m proud to say I have reformed that old style of thinking.

To get me on the right footing I found a wonderful support system both personal and professional. These aren’t “yes” people but rather individuals on whom I can count to tell me the truth, provide insight for approaching business in a better way and whose company I truly enjoy. We learned to collaborate – something unheard of previously – and because of it, we are now in serious discussions about new product creation and projects on an exciting international level.

At the same time, a friend of mine was going through a terrible time not knowing whether or not her home would be foreclosed. In the meantime, just in case they spotted a larger home almost affordable for rent. The final notice of foreclosure came yesterday. Jacqueline chose to negotiate with the landlord that she and her husband would improve the landscaping if he would lower the rent. They came to happy terms. I remarked now that closure came to stormy cloud over their home, they are once again able to take a walk in the sunshine.

On a simpler scale, the other night we went out to celebrate the launch of my new book, HIRED! and the recognition of my first book Nice Girls DO Get the Sale becoming an international best-seller. I’m not one to grab the spotlight but this was an achievement I deemed worth celebrating.

So off we went to my favorite hotel in San Francisco. On past occasions of years gone by, we celebrated with drinks and hors d’ouevres at their top floor rotating restaurant/bar. It was an exquisite view of the bay and the city. Our son was meeting us there and our daughter was going to call from the east coast. We would have a family celebration.

Sadly, we learned the famed rotating lounge had closed a couple of years ago. We headed to a nice but not quite in the same realm scenic bar. By the time we got there the time was too late on east coast time so we were not able to have the anticipated entire family celebration.

For a brief moment I was in a funk. But I caught myself and mentally said, let’s not spoil the moment. I quickly remarked on the beautiful view of the bay and we reminisced about moving to the area long ago and the highlights of our family years together. The positive mindset turned what could have been extreme disappointment into a wonderful new memory.

This year taught me when anything ceases to work correctly, find new avenues to either rescue them or invent a better way to achieve your goals. When you are able “go with the flow” as the expression goes, you will then enjoy a happy Smooth Sale!

Author's Bio: 

Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC believes building relationships before the sale and continuing long after is the only way to sell and build a dynamic business. Elinor’s book, “Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results,” in an International Best Seller. Her new book, HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself on Interviews, Career Press, based upon years of community service and her own experience was profitable before it went into print.