Stress is reflected in our heart rhythms. Our heartbeats constantly are speeding up and then slowing down. When using a bio-feedback instrument that measures Heart Rate Variability we can see the patterns of our heart rhythms. Under stress those rhythms are chaotic, like a jagged mountain range, with possible spikes either upward or downward.

If we breathe rhythmically and evenly, those heart rhythms can be seen to turn into a smooth wave-like pattern. This is a state known as cardiac coherence or heart coherence. Coherence is an efficient physiological condition where the nervous system, cardiovascular system and hormone system are working together in a harmonious way.

Basically, the more coherence we have in our heart rhythms, the less stress we have.

Rhythmic, balanced breathing is used to create coherence in our heart rate variability. this same type of breathing is also used in Heart Rhythm Meditation practice, which is a meditation that focuses on the breath and heartbeat.

While doing Heart Rhythm Meditation or simply slow and rhythmic breathing, if a person is connected to a bio-feedback device like the emWave or Wild Divine you can see the smooth wave-like pattern of the heart. The person is experiencing cardiac coherence and the body and mind are now working in harmony. Stress is gone or more accurately described, is transformed into positive energy, and the person can now enter a meditative state.

This practice of coherence through meditation or rhythmic breathing is healthy for the heart. The heart rhythms are now regular and repetitive and that is a state of efficiency and low stress for the heart. This could be said to represent a resilient heart. And resilience is good for the heart and our overall well-being.

Other types of meditation are generally stress-reducing but heart rhythm meditation affects your heart rhythms in a way that other meditation practices do not. This is because it is the breath rate that controls the heartrate. And many other types of meditation do not require any specific breathing patterns. There may be an effect on the mind from other practices but there will not be the same effect on the heart rhythms as with the practice described here.

Do this meditation practice as taught on the Healthy Heart Meditation website and experience a reduction in stress as well as a terrific meditative experience.

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Learn more about Heart Rate Variability on the Healthy Heart Meditation website.