Stress at workplace does not mean having stress with work pressure; it also includes the stress working with problematic colleagues. There are various factors that could lead you to having stress at the workplace. These problematic people at office could be your members in the team, managers or even your boss. You have to learn the various methods to deal with the stresses caused at workplace, otherwise you might even lose your job.

Ways to manage the stress at workplace

Problem people are not just present in the office; they could be the people you meet in your everyday life. This could be the people you work with in the office. It is very important learning to control such stresses in life. For instance, if you are given a team and a task to be performed. You cannot expect the team members to have the same attitude as every individual will have different attitude which might cause a lot of tension for you. You should know the techniques to manage the team in order to complete the task within the allotted time, otherwise you will not be able to meet the deadline causing high levels of stress. Let’s see few techniques that you can follow.

• Be authoritative: you can find few co workers to be very stubborn and playful. Now handling such employees should require some lessons. The best way to handle them is to be authoritative and setting high standards. This will help you fix tasks with time limits for every employee.
• Be communicative: You should be communicative to the team. This will help you to improve and maintain good relation with the team members. Discuss the responsibilities of the members personally. Always highlight the fact that has to be done efficiently. These ways will help you to maintain good relation and increase productivity.

Irrational demands from the company

Nowadays the companies provide lot of workload to the employees. Most of them are rational and others being irrational. These kind of irrational jobs and tasks are allotted when the requirement arises. The best to overcome this is by analyzing and understanding your job description and your priorities. If you are allotted a work to be done outside the office or your job priorities, you should know to turn done such offers and stick on with your priorities.

Increasing team productivity

To increase the team’s productivity you have to make sure that the team members are not subjected to lot of stress. It is very important that they remain with less stress to concentrate and increase their productivity. For this you need to set up a team design with the responsibilities and the tasks allotted to the members. Also include the feedback and the review system for the team on a regular basis which will help you to determine and increase the team’s performance and productivity.

In a team you can get different kinds of negotiations from all corners. Your duty is to analyze and find out the exact source of the conflict in the team’s work. Most of the conflicts need proper communication among the team to work and perform united. This will help you to increase the team productivity and outcome.

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