Stress belongs to our lives like waves to seas. We all use coping styles to eliminate tension and anxiety rising from stress. Some strategies help very well, some can even kill you.

Let's take Clara, Tim and Lisa who have been told off wrongfully at work as an example. They all need their jobs so they keep their mouths shut at the office however the tension is within them and wants to get out. Once Clara comes home she uses the first "reason" (which in fact is a pretext) like slightly disarranged shoes and puts the freeze on her kids. Tim goes to a pub and tries to disinfect his head with a bit of ethanol. Lisa gets her bike and goes round a few miles.

All of them got rid of stress. Clara transformed it into anger at her kids the consequence of which is more tension and a spoiled afternoon. Tim used a chemical way which brought him temporary relief together with the future risk of developing an addiction. Lisa converted the stress into energy and did something for her health at the same time. Thus Lisa is our winner.

Desirable stress coping styles are such that don't deny reality but try to face it in a mature way. They are sport or any moving activities, social life, expressing emotions, getting a massage or employing humor. Among the less desirable coping styles we can find above mentioned alcohol, drugs, overeating, staring at the TV, avoiding others or postponing unpopular tasks.

What is your set of coping styles like?
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