Ahhhh food. In many situations it’s an incredibly pleasurable experience. Yet, some food is not so pleasurable. There are foods that are actually stress inducers.

You might not have thought of food as a stressor before, but here is some food for thought: The last two decades have produced a large amount of research that linked stress to obesity and diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and many other conditions and diseases. Increased fat-storing, abdominal obesity, low metabolism, high blood sugar, and hormone problems are all linked to stress.

Comfort Food is Not So Comforting

How often have you reached for “comfort food” when you felt stress from your job, finances, relationship, even traffic. It’s become more common for people to mindlessly put something in their mouth to minimize feelings of stress.

And, depending on where you live, there are plenty of opportunities to “feed the beast” of stress. A quick drive down any main road in virtually every city will provide plenty of choices for foods that are less than desirable. Fast food drive throughs. Convenience stores on every street corner. Liquor stores that double as junk food havens.

All designed to satisfy impulse cravings. The more you give into the cravings, the more likely it is you will gain weight, increase your stress factors and reduce your overall health.

Understanding Stressors

To understand how to be slim and trim or how to heal and be well, it is important to first understand the body and the stress process that wears the body down.

It’s probably hard for you to remember the last time you had forty-eight hours of peace with time for meditation or just relaxing and feeling happy and content; but it’s probably easy to remember the last time you experienced something stressful like rushing to get ready for work and get your kids off to school, a deadline at work, or an argument with someone.

Think of your own stressors. When do you feel most stressed? What is occurring? Are you in a particular situation? Are you with anyone in particular?

What can you do to minimize your stress… if anything? Do you reach for comfort food when you feel stressed?
Knowing the answers to these questions brings a level of awareness into your thought process. Simply being aware moves you in the direction of finding a healthy solution.

Reducing Garbage Food Temptation

Let’s start with the truth; many foods are not real foods. They are processed chemicals designed to fill you up with empty calories. They are also designed to give you the bliss factor. Food manufacturers love nothing more than you to become addicted to the bliss their food triggers when it enters your mouth.

It’s a similar response to drugs and alcohol. True, but not widely known.

The sooner people accept this, the sooner they will be on the road to real food, healthy eating.

Once you admit the truth, then comes your vision of how you want to be. Do you want more energy? More vitality? Better focus? Improved sleep? Optimal health and weight?

Whatever you say you want, write it down. From there, decide what you are willing to do to accomplish this? The reality is, we have more control over our health than many people care to admit or accept.

The sooner you take responsibility for your choices, the sooner you are on your way to feeling your best and living with more vitality than you thought possible.

Prepare for Stressful Situations

One of the best ways to avoid comfort eating is to carry healthy food choices with you. In my book, The Food Codes, I have lots of great information on how to choose the right foods for your body. For example, muscle testing is one way you can determine what foods will ease your stress.

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