CONSIDERED A UNIVERSAL HEALING OIL because of its broad spectrum of applications universal applications Lavender oil can be relied upon to benefit an assortment of health related issues like stress, sleep disturbances, chronic pain, hair and skin care and much more!

Did you know that research at a major medical center in the U.S. has proven conclusively that aromatherapy results in calming and relieving extreme stress. Lavender was one of the essential oils used in the controlled research study conducted at the Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Over 57 percent of the ICU nurses involved in the study reported a decrease in their perceived stress levels after using essential oil.

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First cultivated in the high mountains of Persia and southern France Lavender is a hearty and robust plant. It thrives in barren environments and well known and loved for its natural power for producing healing energy.

Lavender oil imparts its ability to thrive in harsh environments to those who use it. Its reputation as a healer for treating an assortment of conditions is unsurpassed by any other essential oil in aromatherapy. Its sedating and calming properties are known to relieve inflamed conditions like burns, fever blisters, herpes outbreaks, sore muscles, back pain and headache.

Lavender’s healing and regeneration properties make it excellent for all skin types, especially dry skin. Lavender oil has been used successfully to treat burns, rash, acne, eczema, boils, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Lavender is also useful for relieving too dry or oily scalp conditions and for controlling dandruff, as well as reducing hair loss.

Lavender oil is one of our number best selling pure essential oil. In fact Lavender oil is so well loved and blends so well with most oils that we use it frequently in many custom formulas available on the market.

Examples of Custom Formulas I've made with Lavender Oil:

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Add a few drops of Lavender oil to your laundry or in the dryer cool down cycle to give your clothes and linens a lovely fresh scent

If you’re looking for a universal healing oil with broad spectrum application that you can rely on like a good friend to calm and relieve extreme situations whether physical, mental or emotional then you will LOVE PurePlant Essentials lavender oil.

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