Stress isn’t sexy? Do you want sexy back?

These times give us plenty of fodder for stress if you didn’t already have a very large does of it. When we are stressed we have several patterns that usually go hand and hand with it and it’s not a cozy loving hand.

1. We breath shallowly
2. We eat badly. (what we lovingly call comfort food)
3. We sleep poorly
4. We drink way to much caffeineated drinks
5. We don’t take care of ourselves

The reactions of these are not as simple to identify but they are all too common.

1. We get irritated easily
2. We don’t have time for anything
3. We are exhausted
4. We don’t feel loved
5. We don’t have enough money to do what we want or need to do.

So what majic bullet can I possibly give you that you have not heard before?
I’m going to say step back 20 paces and just get a different perspective. You may need to change some things are you ready for that? Are you willing to do some things that will only take a couple minutes and could give you a new lease on life if you continue with them? Then read on. I’m going to give you a couple of very priceless exercises and tell you that some videos will be up on yourtube under the Energy Guru in the next couple weeks that will have me live doing these exercises. So here goes. Yes something this easy can make a difference. Remember that if you want to loose what you don’t want go toward what you do want. Action alleviates anxiety so try these actions.

Exercises for G4 cards
Claw Dance: For making you more charismatic and energetic
Make tight claws out of the hands; inhale through the mouth with the lips puckered, and saying “Who”, come up on your toes swinging the arms out to the sides in a big arc up and over your head. As you say “La,” squat down, allowing the arms to swing in a big arc downward. This can also be done sitting at your desk.
Gift: This clears difficult situations - feeling out of your immediate energy field. Increases your energy, and expands your awareness.
Continue this motion for 60-180 Seconds.

Do it do it now don’t just read it that won’t do it for you.

I’m going to give you one more. Claw dance help clears and this help balance relax make you happy again. 3 minutes remember is the best time frame. It will also help you sleep.

Sitali Breath
Breath out that stress…

Roll the tongue and stick it past your lips. If you cannot roll it, just make an “O” shape with your mouth with the tongue protruding slightly beyond the lips. Breathe in deeply through the mouth. Exhale slowly through the nose emptying the lungs all the way.

1-2 minutes

The best anti-stress breath available. The breath passing over the wet tongue creates a cooling effect.

Okay Sexy really means ready to connect. Men can get there any time. Women are a little more challenged. We need lots of things to be right.
Start with you and your energy and branch out.

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