Companies of all sizes have been focusing on both the health and welfare of their employees in recent years, but not until recently have they paid similar attention on the mental health of their staff.
The Confederation of British Industry conducted a survey on the issue in which 90 per cent of correspondents agreed that employees' mental health called (parterapi århus) in the workplace should be of concern to companies, but less than a tenth of them had formulated a mental health policy.
With people now spending more and more time in the workplace, the importance of their mental health is becoming an increasingly important issue. The stress of the modern day workplace means that the psychological and well being of both management and staff is just important as their physical health and safety at work. Arguably mental and psychological health issues should become a major part of a company's health and safety policy.
The good news is that more companies are now becoming aware of mental health issues within the workforce and actively encourage management and staff to attend training courses designed to being stress under control in the workplace.
Such stress and mental health courses are crucial because it enables staff to recognize the impending effects of stress in themselves or workmates and also helps them deal with it.
Stress management and mental health in the workplace courses are undoubtedly of valuable for businesses. Long term, stress leads to a slump in production which subsequently leads to a tumble in profits. Short term stress results in absent workers as well as other problems in the work place. By sending staff on stress management and mental health in the workplace courses, employers are allowing those of their workforce already suffering stress to recognize the effects or to be able to initiate safeguards to prevent it occurring.
A huge benefit from attending mental health in the workplace awareness courses is that both management and staff will gain vital knowledge recognizing stress and by learning what makes it occur.
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