There is much debate over how many senses we actually have, but we generally recognize our senses as including: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. Although attention may not be paid to it, we use our senses to manage all types of emotion every single day. Emotions such as: happiness, optimism, contentedness, and hopefulness are not generally seen as problematic. We just feel pretty good. When we feel like this, we are sometimes thinking pleasant thoughts, or listening to desired sounds, we are using senses.

Frustration, anger, anxiety and irritation are some emotions that lead to stress if they are not controlled. We can do this by changing the way we think about the emotion, by changing some factor that will allow a change in the way we feel. Stress is a part of daily life and how we react to it determines the way we are affected by it.

Changing how a stressful situation is perceived, or reframing the details, can greatly reduce the feeling of anger, anxiety, frustration, and generally feeling out of control.

Visual- By concentrating on an object, such as a water fountain or a candle flame, you can examine the parts of whatever is causing stress and attempt to regain control of your emotions. Another way to use the sight sense is to read an interesting book. Distracting yourself from stress for a period of time allows you to return with a fresher perspective.

Tactile- Use stress balls, take a shower, exercise, stretch your muscles, get a massage, or pet an animal. These forms of touch can assist in the reduction of stress emotions.

Taste- Drink green tea or any herbal tea for its soothing properties. Prepare and/or eat a favorite meal or singular food item. Food and drink can be soothing. Be careful not to overindulge in alcohol consumption. Alcohol misuse can lead to additional negative stressors.

Smell- Aromatherapy oils and lotions are good sources of stress reduction. A favorite flower, perfume, or scent that triggers a good memory can leave you in a state of calm.

Sound- Listen to the sounds of water falling in a water fountain, or waves rolling from a sound machine. Going about the day with Classical music in the background can relieve stress. Even the sounds of silence can do wonders for gaining new insight into a stressful situation.

Take the time to stop and think before reacting to stress. It is likely that you will be more content with the outcome. Long term stress takes a negative toll on the body, both physically and mentally. Take advantage of the many stress relieving methods to live a happier and healthier life.

Author's Bio: 

Cecelia Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who primarily works with psychiatric patients in a hospital setting. Stress reduction is of particular interest to her. Please visit her website: to find out more about solar water fountains for the garden and home.