Stress. We all seem to have it yet no one has ever seen it. Stress, for the most part is something that is self created. We create it in our minds, it lives in our minds and it manifests in many different areas of our lives. Dealing effectively with it is critically important. High levels of stress can affect much more than your emotional well being. It affects you physically and it can affect the cortisol levels in your blood which often leads to cardiovascular and heart problems.

Having a strategy to deal with stress is critically important. Most people just never unwind and wonder why life wears them down. Here are 3 simple strategies that can help you.

1. Exercise

The number one way to deal with stress in your life is through exercise. Not only is it very healthy option but it can be a lot of fun. Having a good workout can be incredibly rewarding emotionally and it will make you feel like you've shed a load from your shoulders. If you don't like gyms and health clubs, why not take up a sport?

2. Meditation

Although meditation has quite a few wring connotations its certainly caught on in recent years. It need not have any religious connotations. Its simply a method that allows you to "escape" the hustle and bustle of the world. It allows you to go deep within and find that inner sense of peace that will allow you to feel calm, relaxed and in control.

3. Socializing

Now this is the fun part. Socializing with friends and family allows you to escape all those things that stress you out. Obviously if your family is the cause of your stress then that does not count. Watching the game with your friends, having a barbeque or even going for a weekend away can do wonders for your stress levels.

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